Article Analysis Essay on "Story Grammar Strategy"

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Date:  2023-03-04


Nuriyatul Hamidah is the author of an article titled "Story Grammar Strategy: An Approach to Teach Reading Narrative Text." The article is published by the OKARA Journal of Languages and Literature. It was sourced from the State University of Malang.

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The purpose of the article is to explain the importance of using narrative texts to enhance the student's reading skills. Reading is an important skill of learning language because it helps the readers to comprehend the message of the writer. When teaching a new language, the discourse in the class is critical to help students to capture the meaning and improve their imagination. The article focuses on the use of discourse analysis and story grammar approach to enhance comprehension.

The article discusses several main points on how a narrative text is effective in teaching reading skills. Learning a new language is difficult because the reader has no background knowledge. The narrative texts promote visualization as the learner pictures the real events of the story. Therefore, they understand the story easily and are also motivated to read. Moreover, narrative texts are funny stories that entertain the learners as they read, and capture the moral lesson in the story. The article covers the theoretical framework of teaching reading approaches. These strategies include story discourse analysis, cooperative learning, story grammar, and the adoption of the appropriate teaching techniques (Hamidah, 48). The text discourse analysis is the use of narrative skills to improve student comprehension. The teachers must use narrative skills such as involving students in storytelling. The students become active listeners by responding to the teller's questions. The teachers choose the best reading materials with well-organized words and phrases.

Corporative learning involves working in groups to improve peer interaction. The process helps students to develop a foreign language because they learn new content and concepts from their peers. The teacher asks each group of four members to discuss a given text and present their understanding and evaluation in front of the class. The story grammar strategy is the use of visualization of the characters, events, plot, and problem demonstrated in a text. The students mark new vocabularies to find their meaning and comprehend the story.

The teachings strategies used to teach a new language using the text. There are three steps the instructor uses to improve students' reading abilities. They include the pre-reading, whilst-reading, and post-reading. In the first step, pre-reading the teacher stimulates background knowledge by introducing the topic of the story, and asking related questions. Whilst reading step, the students read and analyze the text to get the setting and meaning. The post-reading involves students' evaluation of the content. The students also answer questions and the teacher assesses their grammar achievement (Silvia, 395).

The author concluded that teachers should adopt the use of narrative texts when teaching a new language because they enhance comprehension through visualization (Hamidah, 51). I think that the article achieves its purpose by providing the necessary steps that teachers should follow when using narrative texts. The article is helpful to teachers and students because it effectively guides them to read and understand a foreign language.

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