Article Analysis Essay: 'Innovative and Complementary Approaches to Aging in Place'

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  624 Words
Date:  2022-08-17


The article on 'Innovative and Complementary Approaches to Aging in Place' focuses on ascertaining the suitability of the aging in place method. The authors present the aging in place method as a viable method in comparison with other choices including care homes. Despite the author's failure to provide direct information about methodology and research questions. The authors manage to address the overall purpose of the study and to avoid biases. Despite the minimal shortcomings of the research, the author provides insightful ideas for future research.

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The abstract does not describe the critical components of the research succinctly and adequately. The statement of the purpose of the study is evident since the authors state the purpose of the essay as to show the necessity of considering interventions that are following the aging in place approach. The presentation of the significant results of research is sufficient since the authors identify the key benefits of aging in place including supporting nutritional interventions, care organization and home modifications (Ballard et al., 2011). Though the author outlines the ecosystem approach as the conceptual framework used in the study, they fail to recognize that they made use of literature review method to gain insights during the research. Moreover, there lacks a concise summary of the discussion of findings in the abstract.

The presentation of the items of the introduction is fair. The author provides convincing arguments establishing the significance of the study. The authors reveal that the aging population is on the rise and the social security benefits are limited therefore showing the need to research on the aging in place approach since it will depopulate nursing homes and allow families to cater for the needs of the aged from their pockets. The presentation of the literature review serves to make implications about the addressed research questions such as the mainstream economy as well as challenges at the individual level that makes the use of nursing homes impossible. However, there lack direct statements about the addressed research questions.

The authors' presentation of results is adequate since they address the purpose of the research by revealing the benefits of aging in place in comparison to the nursing homes in light of its inherent challenges. The research sample of the study is cleared defined to include retirement centers in Asheville rural area and Pinehurst urban area in North Carolina. Since the study sample focuses on assistance to the aging population in North Carolina, it fits the desired sample for a study on care patterns in North Carolina.

The discussion session provides insightful ideas such as the psychological benefits of aging in place by assisting the aged to have a connection with the family members. The discussion highlights the need for care management to include various stakeholders such as friends who provide companion services, house cleaners for chore services and health professionals for medical services. The authors state the impact of the research in nursing practice by establishing that it is vital for care managers to know the human growth and development, housing, nutrition, exercise and family resource management.


The article provides insights into the care needs of the old people that I intend to investigate. The ideas of the ecosystem approach used by authors will be vital to producing a comprehensive report on the care needs of the old people since one will look at required nutritional interventions and home modifications. The requirement of a care management approach provides insights into the holistic health of older people, one of the current issues in the previous research.


Ballard, S.N., Jenkins, C., Savut, Y., Walter, H. Katherine, E &Escott, S. (2011). Innovative and Complementary Approaches to Aging in Place. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, vol. 103, no. 2, Spring, pp. 24-34. Alexandria.

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