Three Ways that Are Important to Having a Happy Life

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Every person has the desire to live a happy, enjoyable and fulfilling life. Happiness is therefore regarded as the universal human goal and desire. Most people never think about their happiness, and they do not even consider what is required of them to make their lives happier. They tend to think more about fun, enjoyment, financial security and success but not necessarily about their happiness. Happiness, just like any other set target requires one to understand what it is, how it works and ways in which they can achieve it. It can, therefore, be defined as progress that results from seeking, striving, and finding a self-realization work and fun even when it seems elusive. There is the saying that happiness alone cannot be bought. We can, therefore, conclude that happiness has more to do with people around us more than money. How a person chooses to live their lives, spend their time or even perceive themselves determines whether they are happy or not. This essay explains some of the ways in which we can make our lives happy which include practicing gratitude, maintaining an optimistic attitude and

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It is no secret that that most of the religions in the world incorporate some form of gratitude in their everyday rituals. This is because it makes our daily lives better, even when a person is neither religious nor spiritual. Gratitude can be defined as the feeling of showing some appreciation and being thankful for what we have in our lives. The act of being appreciative is a pathway that leads to a life full of happiness and that of well-being. When one pauses and recognizes the beautiful things in their lives, they often feel happier. That simple act of appreciation always keeps one focused on that which is already good and in their life, opening up doorways to more goodness to flow into their lives (Mohanty). It is important to note that showing some gratitude equips a person to handle the setbacks or failures they may encounter in their lives in a more resilient way. The recent scientific studies have produced some mounting research that our lives tend to be much better when we practice gratitude.

Another ingredient to living a happy life is that of always having a positive attitude no matter the situation. Although positivity is not an easy thing to achieve, every person should strive to focus on the good while ignoring the bad. According to Mohanty, the twists and turns that a person encounters should serve as an inspiration for the better or positive things that are to come in future. The most important aspect to note about happiness is that it is a choice. Many people usually blame an unhappy life on outside forces such as fate, experiences or relationships, but they fail to imagine what would have happened if they chose a happy life. Whenever people find themselves in a dangerous situation, they should always remember that it is up to them to find the good and be happy regardless of the things happening around them. They should, therefore, take control and avoid pointing fingers and putting the blame on other people. People should also ensure that they are surrounded by positive people who encourage happiness as positive people tend to attract positivity.

Although practicing forgiveness is a big challenge to every human being, it has been found to be something that people can do to make their lives a lot happier again. One should focus more on what the simple gesture of forgiveness does to them more than it does to the person being forgiven. When one chooses to forgive another person in their hearts, it does not necessarily imply that they are obliged to associate with them or become their friends again. It is a simple gesture to show that a person has allowed their heart to let go of whatever was wronged to them. People should learn that no matter what the other person did to them, it is done, and their actions cannot be taken back. Choosing not to trust them is an option, but until a person can let go of the situations holding them back, he or she will never find peace and happiness in themselves. Opting to hold onto emotions, or negative energy puts more weight in a persons heart (Hope). If one can learn to accept things they do not like, they get to realize that they will never understand why other people do what they do. An instance where other peoples actions do not rule our lives lifts the weight off our hearts enabling us to live a happy and fruitful life.

It is imperative to believe that we are not all that special after all. There are instances where people go through days just thinking about how other people might be judging them. The human nature always dictates a certain feeling to want to be liked and accepted. This kind of excessive worrying can have an adverse impact on a persons life and affects their ability to feel at ease when surrounded by other people. What other people think of us should not prevent a person from living their lives to their fullest potential.


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