Argumentative Essay: How Does Legalizing Same Sex Marriages Impact Our Schools

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Date:  2021-04-26

There are various effects of legalizing same sex marriages to schools and the same establishes the need to examine the role of the same in improving social ethics in the population. Due to the importance of the topic to the society, various authors have done various research works with the view of examining the same to create a positive change in the society (Wight, Allen and Lee 339). One of the effects of legalizing same sex marriages in schools is that it will create an avenue for teachers to engage in the discussion of the same in classrooms with young students. Discussion of same sex marriages will lead to sexual perversion in the population where school children will learn about sexual perversion at attender age. The same would lead to a change of behavior and mental organization of the children thereby encouraging the children to develop a liking for the same sex marriages (Schwartz et al., 299).

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The second effect of the same is that it would cause various debates that can affect harmony in the organization of management of schools. Such a reason is because there are schools that are schools that are built on religious foundations and the same legalizing same sex marriages would go against religious beliefs of missionary schools thereby destroying social fabrics of such schools (Gates 68). It is prudent to acknowledge the efforts that religious organizations have taken to prevent legalization of same sex marriages in schools and go against beliefs of missionary and religious-based schools. The other effect that e would be realized from the same is the children would be introduced to sex topics at a tender and the same would lead to sexual perversion of the children which would have various consequences on the morals of the children and affects the right upbringing of the young children in the society. It is apparent that legalizing the same sex marriages would make parents to have less control of their children which would expose the children to various challenges that would affect them in various ways (Goldsen et al., 51). Additionally, the same would lead to morals decadence in schools and teachers would find it challenging to mentor the children and ensure the they conform to the rightful ways of living in the society.

Another change that would be introduced in schools as a result of legalization of same sex marriages is that there would be the need to have a new curriculum to help children learn about the whole issues issue of same sex marriages and the effects of the role in the modern society and especially on the children in schools. The changes in the curriculum would seek to enlighten the children about their sexual orientation and the expand their knowledge about the same (Wight, Allen and Lee 341). In this manner, enlightening the children about sexual orientation would then encourage them to conform to be same sex marriages because the new curriculum would focus on teaching the children om the benefits of the same and need to encourage such in the population.

The speech of the children in schools will also be affected as they will be exposed to a more unbiblical forms of teaching and this would then introduce then to the various types of sensitive topics among them being family, sexuality and marriage which is bound to change perception of the children in the population (Schwartz et al., 302). The free speech of the school children would also become more unreligious and lead to the changes in the perception of children regarding religions concepts in the modern society. There is the need to appreciate the role of the religions schools in exposing school children to the social, ethical, cultural and religious values and the effects of the same in creating a society that is morally upright. With the legalization of same sex marriages in the society, there is the need to encourage the population especially religious sectors to step up their efforts in effecting religious teaching on the school children to help in restoring morality in schools (Gates 71).

Moreover, such a legalization would them lead to both private schools and the home schools setting their own rules which would be a sign of defiance from the mainstream curriculum of education. In this manner, the private and home schools would set their standards and regulations and create an option for schools with Christian environment. The same would lead to various challenges in the social settings of schools and lack of uniformity of systems and standards of education in the modern society (Goldsen et al., 53). There is also the possibility of the legalization of same sex marriages being abused in schools and the same might result to various negative effects on the population in that teachers might take advantage of the opportunity to disseminate sexually misleading content to the young children which would encourage explicit behaviors from the children and make them stray from the morality in the society.

Legalization of same sex marriages in the society would be used as a means to silence objections from teachers that are opposed to the same and ensure that they do not engage in the changing of the social morals in the society especially those of children. In this manner, the legalization of the same would undermine pro-family organization where there would be challenge of head teachers effecting their perceived moral lessons into the system of education (Wight, Allen and Lee 344). It is in this manner that proves the need of the society and especially education sector to help in preventing legalization of same sex marriages in the modern society (Schwartz et al., 303). In this manner, there should be made provision in legislation which ensures that legalization of same sex marriages does not affect the education sector and that the same is not used to promote sexual vices in the population.

Proper upbringing helps in ensuring that children acquire the virtues in the society a tender age, however, legalization of same sex marriages works on the contrary in the systems of education. This s because legalization of the same would lead to sexual perversion of the children making them more prone to the indecency in the modern society. On the other hand, legalization of same sex marriages would also make parents and teachers to lack control of what children are to be taught and this would affect their moral authority in mentoring the youth with the view of creating a society that is socially, ethically and morally upright population (Gates 75). There is the need to appreciate role of parents in providing a strong background for their children to make them responsible people in future and take part in the mentoring programs in to help in tackling sexual vices prudent in the societal settings. The role of parents in every society to provide a foundation for their children to enable them have the right social, cultural, ethical and religious upbringing and the same would be negatively impacted by legalization of same sex marriages in the society.

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