Application Letter for Nursing Education Program

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-09-05

Dear Admission Committee,

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For the last seven years working as a nurse has significantly shaped my life and ideologies in healthcare. Nurses are the most trusted healthcare professionals and play a significant role in promoting community wellness. As a nurse, I have assumed the role of a teacher, a critical thinker, a caregiver and an advocate for the health needs of many patients I have had the privilege to serve. With years of service, I have developed an attachment to providing care and emotional support which is a significant motivator towards continuous improvement. This personal statement denotes my zealous effort to join grad school to better my skills and knowledge in nursing which will improve my competency as a caregiver. Below is my personal statement with the relevant sections of information that creates an ideal outlook of my qualifications to be admitted to grad school.

Clinical Specialty and Experience

I have an RN and BSN degree, and I have been acquired experience in a competitive and demanding environment that have shaped my ever-growing knowledge in the field of nursing. My clinical specialty of choice is a nurse practitioner specializing in Oncology from 2011. I am very determined to remain in the specialty and improve my competency in the field by joining grad school to further my knowledge. In Oncology, I have been working in the outpatient setting where I have taken the roles of an infusion nurse and a clinical coordinator. In this profession, I get to interact with Oncologists where I can offer assistance and at the same time acquire knowledge on how to provide care to patients.

Motivation Factors towards Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner

FNP is a good profession that offers more significant exposure to care and improves one's opportunities in nursing practice. FNP provides a significant intellectual challenge to practitioners which allows continuous and gradual competency in nursing care. Different families present different needs that require unique approaches encouraging the development of critical thinking skills which is a necessary tool for any nurse practitioner. Another essential aspect of FNP that is the autonomy it provides a nursing practitioner which is an opportunity to acquire skills and independence as a nurse practitioner while learning skills from an oncologist. A FNP is exposed to a unique setting of care where a nurse practitioner can offer care in different contexts. The certification can help one pursue different specialties which means one can in future have a general practice office or work in a hospital with surgeons to help families, seniors in nursing homes and hospices which is an excellent way to give back to the society. Besides, my zeal to pursue FNP certification is to attain personal fulfillment by helping other people in the community to achieve their health goals and live healthy lives.

Professional Goals and Future Nursing Role

My goal as a nurse practitioner is to practice in an outpatient cancer center where there is close collaboration with oncologists, researchers, clinical coordinators and infusion nurses where I can be able to gain experience of teamwork which is essential in nurse work. I would like to be able to acquire opportunities to be able to manage patient cases and provide valuable input in their treatment plans after gaining more experience and knowledge in grad school which will enable me to be able to manage more diseases and creating competent treatment plans.

Why I should be selected for the Program

I deserve to be in chosen for the program due to my unique attributes and zealous effort towards new knowledge and improving the experience I already have. The education opportunities and expertise acquired in grad school will have a positive impact towards my practice as a nurse practitioner and will improve my contribution to the community, families, cancer patients and my profession as a whole. From a personal perspective, I believe that I have a strong foundation as a nurse practitioner because of my zeal to build towards more experience and knowledge to be able to offer more secure and evidence-based nursing care.

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