Application Form and Reflective Document

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Date:  2021-03-06

Expressing empathy as well as an understanding of the concerns encountered by clients with care needs.

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Providing support to physically or disabled people and vulnerable adults.

Advising high-ranking healthcare staff of any hitches, deficiencies or occurrences.

Communicate with other health care professionals involved in the care of the clients.

Educating and advising clients on their health, hygiene, and nutrition.

Carrying out reviews for service users on current medication and needs of clients and meet with social workers to update on the clients progress

Allied healthcare - Support Worker Feb 2012 Jan 2013


Providing personal care and medication according to the daily chart

Keeping a daily record of medication and daily activities for clients

Lunch and dinner preparation, wash up, tidy and clear up

To help in the promotion of mental and physical activity of service users through talking to them, taking them out, sharing with them in activities such as reading, writing, hobbies and recreation.



I am able to write healthcare reports in a clear and concise manner.

I have experience of working with service users who have serious offending behaviors.

Ensuring compliance with Infection Control and Risk Regulations.

Interpreting and crafting responses to Client requirements.


Have a mature and responsible attitude towards work.

I am able to relate to people from a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds.

I have the ability to work without direct supervision.

I am willing to travel to varying work locations during unsocial hours.


BVS Training 27th March 2013 27th April 2013 at Adelaide care

Certificates gained:

Death, dying and bereavement, Effective communication part one and two, Effective hand hygiene, Emergency first aid, Quality diversity and inclusion, fire and safety, food hygiene, health and safety, first aid at work, managing challenging behaviors, medication, mental capacity act, moving and handling, nutrition and wellbeing.


Working in the community and working in residential homes



Reflective Document

The methods used for applying for a placement

When I was applying my placement, I used several methods as I was asked to fill an application form. The online application asked me to use the online application for submitting my placement application. However, before applying at MENCAP, I had used other methods to apply for my placement, and this had included the use of Emails, forms, and database. While using the email, my application was made up of my resume, my cover letter, and other relevant documents. I sent these particulars as the attachments to the introductory email. I had also been requested to download an application for that came as the word document. I then filled the form in the needed information and uploaded it. On the form, I attached my CV and the other necessary documents. On the database method, the system captured my answers to the questions I was providing concerning my experience and skills to do the placement. I was also requested to upload my resume and any other supporting document. Before starting an online application, I read and followed all the instructions but I ensured that I looked at all the questions before I commenced. More so, I ensured that I had all the required documents and in a proper format, as I also ensured I got sufficient time to finish the online application in time. I had a very great feeling doing my application online. To, the process was very simple and less complicated. It saved my time, it save my paperwork and more so, it was less tedious as it involved minimal movements.

On completing the form, the website opened, and the Apply Now link appeared and I registered a username and a password. I ensured that I do not forget m/y login particulars because I knew that they would help to return to my application. I typed my responses into the word document, and I transferred the data to the database. I did this because it helped me to check the spellings and also safeguard the information against losing it just in case the website or my computer crashed. I strictly complied with the character and word limits for my answers while using the words that were similar in my responses as those employed by the MENCAP organization. I did so because I understood that there are word programs that are usually used to screen the applications. I printed a copy of my application, read through it and had my cousin someone with knowledge concerning the application of jobs give me some feedback. I kept the copy of the application form because I wanted to remember exactly what I had told the employer. Before submitting the application, I ensured that I have included all the necessary attachments and submitted the application. Soon afterward, I received an automatic acknowledgment that my application had been successfully sent. One week later, I received the response to my email indicating that my application was successful, and I was invited for an interview. I enjoyed each moment of this online process. It was very easy, and more so, it taught me to be keen and careful when handling sensitive information.

The selection methods I encountered in the process

The first selection method used was the use of placement interviews, which was the vehicle for information exchange between me and the interviewer concerning my suitability as well as my interest in the placement that the employer seeks to fill. The employer was probing the information I offered in the application more deeply in an interview and as such, the organization used the interview method to elicit my information relevant to my qualifications. In my process, the interview method had the following relevance;

The guide for structured interview containing the questions for me was used to enhance the reliability of the interview. I identified the interview was structured because it presented the same question in the same order. I remember answering all the questions, and this gave me more courage.

The interview was given full job descriptions and specifications, and this tended to reduce the bias as the actual requirements were properly spelled out and in detail. I had already accessed the job description and specification, and I had memorized almost everything the interview had to know.

The interviewer appeared to be very well trained as he knew how to avoid mistakes such as too much and quick making of the judgments. As such, it made me enjoy the interview as the interviewer was not wasting any time. More so, it made the interview process to flow very smoothly, which created confidence in me enabling me to do very well.

The other method of selection that was used was the testing of abilities, aptitudes, and skills. These are tests used for screening the applicants basing on aptitudes, skills and abilities where there are scores, and the minimum scores are developed to screen the applicant. The tests were relevant because they checked on my qualification to do the job basing on my score cut. The tests were selected after a thorough and careful analysis of the job. The organization was developed its own sample tests including the exercises of job simulation, which placed me in a simulated job situation to show how well we can cope.

The skills, competencies, and attributes that employers appeared to be seeking

Selecting the correct employees and then placing them in the proper positions in the organization is the key function of the human resource management and it is very paramount to the success of the company. As such, the companies usually devote as much attention and care to the issues of attributes, skills, and competencies just the way they do to the planning of finance because the errors in selection will lead an enormous impact as well as the adverse effects of the strategy of the company. In this process, I was asked about my potential philosophy on life and how I would like to spend my free time. In my opinion, the questions assisted the interviewer to assess whether my cultural fit is right or not. More so, the organization needed a team player because at MENCAP, almost every work is done in teams and as such, they needed a team player, not just an A student. I was also asked if I have got a personal mission statement, which was a question to identify my potential preferences. The question got me by surprise because I had not expected. I had a problem answering it, but I managed. However, I do think it has now slightly changed due to the experiences I gained. As support worker at MENCAP, the other competencies required included compassion and empathy, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. In comparison to my personal evaluation of my own skills at this stage, I could meet all the required qualification and as such, I regarded myself as a qualified candidate for the placement. More so, I saw myself as a creative individual who is good at problem-solving. The employers usually want the persons who can remove them from a pickle. Therefore, the ability of problem solving could assist me with conducting my support work including formulation of strategies and arrive at the resolution. Moreover, the employers often need the assurance that one can conquer the challenges of the job by thinking creatively and critically.

Although the process made me sit for a long time, I managed to learn some things; I learned how to work within the deadlines, how to wait patiently and how to follow the correct procedures and formalities. The process also taught me to understand how the online job application can be conducted. However, in future, I would like to apply other methods of job application such as networking and cold calling. I would prefer another method so that I become versed with all application methods and as such, I would be able to compare all these methods and determine the best.

After the interview, I was called back with the news that I had successfully passed the interview. This was such a great feat for me because I really wanted to work MENCAP and meant that I would now be able to put my professional expertise and experience into practice. I was determined to give this job my best as well as propel my career to further heights. Before proceeding further, I would like to highlight what MENCAP does. Services offered at MENCAP include:

Personal support services for people with a learning disability, their families, and careers. This involves enabling people with learning disabilities to speak up and make decisions issues they consider important (advocacy). It also entails he...

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