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Date:  2021-04-16 21:05:37
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Im am writing to apply for my job vacancies in information technology, office management and communications department in the company. Attached is a resume with detailed work experience, professional and educational competencies.

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Thank you for your consideration

Respectfully yours,


Misato Brahwaite.


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To obtain a position where I could effectively apply my skills and knowledge in education and information technology. Given an opportunity, I intend to work productively and interactively in your company.


The Japanese Educational Institute of New York (Currently an Employee)

Long Island New York School, New York (Currently an employee)

Maruichi West Hartford, Connecticut (Currently an employee)

Japanese Hartford School | 2014 to 2015 | Hartford Connecticut

Nomura Asset Management U.S.A | 2002 to 2004 | NY, NY

HSBC Private | 1999 to 2001 | NY, NY


The Japanese Educational Institute of New York

I teach kindergarten grade (Japanese and Math)

Maruichi (Currently an employee) West Hartford, Connecticut

I perform general grocery and office duties, like mailing.


I taught 2nd grade (Japanese and Japanese math)

Nomura asset management U.S.A | NY, NY

I performed general office duties i.e. running errands and office mailing and organization.

I was an administrative and business assistant to the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the company

I was responsible for organizing the conference room schedule

I was responsible for ensuring office supplies were always stocked

HSBC PRIVATE | 1999 to 2001 | NY, NY

I was the assistant of Far Eastern Division in the International Department of the company. My immediate answering stations were the office of the Vice President and Senior Vice President in the company.

I performed general office duties like mailing and making office errands.

I ushered in potential and signed clients towards conference room during large corporate meetings

I helped coordinate office events by preparing and ordering supplies and hand on the preparation of accommodation facilities and other logistical issues during such events.

As a general assistant to different offices, I was also responsible for answering letters and calls, updating files, accessing research documents.



Daiwa Securities America, Inc (Futures dept.)

In this capacity, I had an opportunity to coordinate the firm process and function alignment. Implementing change management policies and even streamlining overall firm efficiency.

Fuji Bank Data Center (Data entry)

In this capacity, I was required to work with a large array of data and data formats, and enter those into a central database from which firm processes and functions can be monitored.

Nomura Research USA (VP Secretary)

As a secretary, I was able to learn the different competencies and challenges involved in executive management. In handling office calls and documents, I was able to get an invaluable apprenticeship in leadership and organizational management.

Yamaichi International America, Inc (Japanese equity)

In this position I was able to apply academic knowledge, professional experience and self-taught skills in managerial, coordination and organizational contexts. I was also able to apply translation when dealing in Japanese equity.


Member of Metropolitan Museum of Art

Member of MOMA

Member of Brooklyn Museum of Art

Member of Boston Museum of Art

Member of Japan Society of Greater Hartford

Volunteer at the New York Animal Rescue (NYC)



I have good communication skills both in leadership and support positions in an organization.

I am bilingual. I speak fluent Japanese and English. I also teach both languages.

I have an innate value and appreciation for integrity and honesty at the workplace

I perform well under pressure.

I have the ability to multitask and coordinate more than one activity in a firm.

I am good with time management, always punctual.


I possess a practice and positive attitude towards work, being able to handle simple and often disregarded work and take up large multi-disciplinary and intricate corporate activities

I have extensive experience in assisting core firm executives. I, therefore, have impeccable organizational skills.

I am computer literate and therefore can work on logistical problems, PowerPoint presentation assignments among other data processing activities.


I have been part of a Jewelry & Craft training program in New York earning a certificate in the same

I also have been able to gain some formal education on Ceramic works.


Berkley College | Year | New York

I was awarded a (Certificate) in Business administration

New York University, E.L.S | Year | New York

I was awarded a (Certificate) English

Middletown Community College Attended |2006 | Connecticut

I studied PowerPoint, excel and general computer skills.

Kokugakuin Junior Women College | Year | Japan

I was awarded an Associate Degree in English



I enjoy traveling to new and interesting places and proactively engaging in the experience. I have organized and arranged a trip to Europe and the Caribbean: I handled transportation schedules, hotel, and overnight accommodations, and point of interest for a party of (Number)


I have also attended cooking classes and enjoy to practice my cooking skills. I have cooked meals for groups friends and families: In this process, I like to plan meals and enjoy receiving feedback and improving recipes.






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