Research Paper on Creating Performance Excellence: HR's Role in Performance Management

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An integral role of the Human Resources department in an organisation is the regulation of performance management (AlBattat and Som, 2013). That entails creating an atmosphere enabling the employees to produce excellent performance in their respective roles. The creation of this working space for employees to achieve their full potential comes with challenges, but it takes the right techniques to make it possible. The development of proper performance management entails the integration of proper leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal relationship.

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The report portfolio is conducted with the aim of evaluating several aspects of human resources management within Easy Jet. So as to gain an improved understanding of this research portfolio, the focus is on the functionalities within Easy Jet, which is a leader in air transport in the United Kingdom. Therefore, the present report focuses on three crucial strategic People Management areas applicable in Easy Jet to form the basis of performance management. These key strategic areas include Leadership and Management, Training and Development, and Talent Management. The objective of the report is as follows: to demonstrate the skills and behavior of an effective people manager. Also, to highlight critical Human Resources processes that facilitate performance management in the working environment. Lastly, to demonstrate knowledge of the contemporary issues faced by line managers with regards to people management.

Evaluating Leadership and Management

Human resource leadership is crucial in the management of financial resources for human resources. It is determined there exists sufficient functionalities that are in operation by the human resource department in Easy Jet. However, the three integral functions undertaken by the management of human resources include managerial, advisory, and operations (Armstrong, 2014). These functions are essential in ensuring the performance of the organization is effectively managed. Operations management has components that include; development, motivation, compensation, industrial relations, and employment. The managerial components include; control and direction, planning, and organization of the human resources. Whereas, the advisory components entail offering direction to the respective departmental heads and general management of operations inside the organization. With regards to Easy Jet, it can be determined that the leadership of the human resources is doing well to ensure these functions are undertaken in various departments within the organization. Therefore, performance management is guaranteed, as demonstrated by the achievement of the desired goals in a proper manner.

Also, the leadership at the human resources provides an effective selection, recruitment, and motivation for the employees at Easy Jet. That leadership and management ensure efficient and skilled personnel are incorporated into Easy Jet. In addition, the advisory functions by Easy Jet leadership aid the topmost management body at Easy Jet in undertaking profitable and suitable business decisions in any situation. Therefore, the organization is able to move forward and accomplish the desired objectives in the future. The research has also determined that these leadership and management functions help in managing the personnel smoothly while achieving a competitive advantage over other airline companies around the world. The leadership and management of employees are crucial to ensure they work in line with the organization's goals and objectives. Moreover, the management of diverse functionalities ensures effective performance management is achieved by Easy Jet.

Another instance where leadership and management underpin performance management is demonstrated by line managers in Easy Jet. At Easy Jet, the line manager is an individual responsible for directing a department generating revenue. Moreover, the line manager is mandated to account for the organization's objectives through the execution of various functions, which include policy and decision making, and target setting. At Easy Jet, the line managers are demonstrated to play an integral role in the functionality and performance of various departments. The line manager takes the leading role in the management of Easy Jet personnel to ensure their performance is substantial for the development and sustainability of the company. The line managers are also important in solving the arising concerns which impact the personnel in the working environment. Line managers consider the prevailing risks in Easy Jet, hence decides the best possible action address the issue involving the workforce. The line managers are accountable for developing decisions, which is then communicated to the staff members for implementation (Alfes et al., 2013). However, for effective performance, the line manager seeks advice from the other members of the human resources since they are in-charge of other functionalities in the organization.

Additionally, it is determined the line managers at Easy Jet perform the recruitment process and effective employee management. The processes of performance appraisal are also the responsibility of the line managers. At Easy Jet, the line managers access the behavior and performance of the workforce, and thereafter feedback is provided to the employees on a personalized basis. That is through one-on-one meetings between the line managers and the workforce. Organizations having the pay structure based on employee performance, line managers are crucial whether the wages to an employee is justified.

Evaluating Training and Development

A crucial area of the people development technique adopted by Easy Jet was to ensure individuals demonstrating both potential and performance are identified and incorporated into a nurturing program (Scholz, 2007). That was facilitated by using the formal succession planning procedure. The process was supported through personalized development programs developed in consultation with the employee and their responsible program managers. The specific requirement is to demonstrate a direct influence on performance in the company.

The focus of the study was on particular senior management of Easy Jet, who was taken through a training program to improve his development. The personalized training was conducted in seven sessions of leadership coaching. The total amount of time of leadership coaching took six months. During training sessions, the Easy Jet senior manager was able to develop both his short-term and long-term goals. That enabled him to develop a clear focus for performance improvement in the organization. During the study, the senior manager identified various developmental areas that were considered necessary for performance improvement. According to the senior manager, special consideration was given to inspiration and motivation and communication. The leadership training sessions were targeted in the areas identified by the senior manager. An effective evaluation procedure followed as a result of the demonstration of quantifiable results from the Easy Jet senior manager and the team under his management.

Executive training is personalized developmental training of senior executives in an organization. Also, other high potential leaders in the organization may be considered in search training for performance development. Sessions are undertaken on a one-on-one session between the manager and the coach, where they talk about their challenges and goals, which is often performance improvement. Also, the senior managers get to establish their strengths in the organisation and general areas for development. The result is a trusting and strong partnership allowing the senior manager to be equipped with the necessary skills for self-awareness, potential realization, and improvement in their leadership skills for performance management in the organization.

The results show excellent training and management of the senior leader who ranked highly to the expectations. The effective training and management were reflected in the general performance of the team under his charge. After the leadership training sessions of the senior management, the team realized increased revenues, which were never achieved. The generated revenue by Easy Jet amounted to about seven million euros in the immediate period after coaching sessions. Moreover, performance management was demonstrated by 100 percent generated revenue by Easy Jet employees. That is attributed to the leadership reforms which introduced trained senior managers in development. Thus, the line managers who have undergone training and development sessions are able to link behavioral changes in the workforce and the net increase in the revenue generated by the team they manage.

Talent Management

The human resources are considered the most significant aspect of an organization since it is the backbone, and all things revolve around it. Hence, it is critical to acquire an effective plan for talent management within business organizations. Planning facilitates the identification of the talent required inside the organization (Bratton, J. and Gold, 2012). The basis of planning for talent management is the identification of the capable and eligible individuals to work for Easy Jet. Moreover, that enables the development of proficient and skilled workforce who can perform as per the set standards of the company. Moreover, it is important to maintain the balance between the supply and demand of an effective workforce.

The report identified that Easy Jet undertakes to forecast potential talent needed in their organization, and the supply of eligible candidates to fill in the available positions. That ensures talent is constantly maintained within the organization throughout the year. Consequently, continued performance is sustained by Easy Jet in the whole year of operation. The effective planning of talent management has enabled Easy Jet to acquire capable personnel, which enables the organization to maintain a competitive advantage over rival airlines in the flight industry. Also, effective planning of talent management has enabled Easy Jet to uphold a sufficient amount of human resources, which will benefit the company in the future.

Accordingly, talent management is a strategy which can be used by Easy Jet to evaluate the technical skill needed in the organization in the future. Planning predicts future environmental forces and growth, which may potentially impact the company. The objective of the human resources department in any organization is the providence of adequate talented personnel to facilitate the delivery of services in their organization. Consequently, that leads to performance management as the company has eligible personnel to drive their development. Also, the organization is able to select the right workforce in cases of insufficient personnel.

The process of planning of human resources with the aim of achieving talent management in an organization has been identified to entail various aspects. First is the assessment of the talent need in the workforce. The human resources identify the available employees to evaluate their capabilities, hence can determine the talent gap to be filled. The next step is demand matching whereby the human resources manager hires the suitable talented individual to fill the identified gap in the organization. The action plan follows, which entails the implementation of the hiring plans of identified capable individuals.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Leaders who have acquired motivation skills have obtained a crucial tool for encouraging the workforce to drive better performance as a result of increased output. Performance management in an organization is influenced by both financial and non-financ...

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