Application for MSc Psychology of Education Degree

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Date:  2022-06-19

My name is........and I am currently working in the University of York as an associate professor. I am in the department of Social policy and Social Work which is ranked as first in U.K and fourth overall in research impact. My current duties involve researching mental health disparities in immigrant communities. I also coordinate an innovated accelerated social work mental program called "Think Ahead Program." Moreover, I am the co-coordinator of Masters in research in social work and a course leader of two research modules for Master level students. On the other hand, my previous positions consist of an associate professor in the University of Illinois in the school of social work; faculty affiliate for various departments involved in social work and cancer-related issues. My interest in social work and serving immigrant communities makes me the best candidate for this program. Nonetheless, I am an immigrant hence I have firsthand experience on issues affecting immigrants and how to best impact their lives and make them to also give a meaningful contribution to the country. I am therefore looking forward to my admission for the above program in your institution.

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I chose to study the degree of Psychology of Education at a Masters level because the program interrogates the role of the methods and theories in psychology in understanding policies and practice of education locally, internationally and nationally. Therefore, this is important to me because I love psychology and it would equip me to become a better and professional person in discharging my responsibilities. On the other hand, the skills and knowledge that I would get from the program would make me more competitive in the job market because most employers desire such skills. Moreover, the program offers a wide range of career opportunities involved with research methods and human behavior. On the other hand, in accomplishing the course, I would be able to understand how research can inform theory, practice, and policy and how to conduct my piece of empirical research to answer. This is made more valuable by the presence of transferable skills that the program offers such as teamwork, communication skills, computer literacy and numerical reasoning.

I chose the University of Bristol because of its outstanding performance in the program and the long experience in offering successful candidates through my course of interest. The University also offers an accredited program with the relevant body such as British Psychological Society (BPS) hence ensuring that once am done with the program, my qualifications are recognized and not questionable. This would be important in ensuring that I pursue my career goals successfully. My great interest is working with the immigrant communities locally and internationally. Therefore, the program would be of great help in making me be of better service to the communities. On the other hand, my three years' experience working with an underprivileged population in the United States; the Albanian Women's Organization serving immigrant population indicates my love for psychology and how I could become better if offered the chance. My educational profile consists of a completed Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Arts, Masters of Public Administration, Master of Social Work and Ph.D. in social work, which shows my full commitment to studies and bettering my services. I believe that the program will give me unique skills that would be of great benefit to me and my country. I look forward to your kind consideration for my application.

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