Application Example for Managing Research Methods Module

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Date:  2021-04-02

What do you want to achieve from doing this Managing Research Methods Module?

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This module will enable me to organize my resources, my working environment and myself to conduct active research. I hope to understand how to produce a valid and useful research. I want to improve my reading and note making ability and how to manage my time well to conduct my research within the given period. By doing this managing research module, I want to understand the nature and role of research and learn to differentiate the different approaches to research. I want to gain knowledge, skills and experience of research that will enable me to conduct high-quality business and management research either as a practitioner or academician. I hope that this course will allow me to develop competencies across the field of research methods. I want to balance the acquisition of specialist knowledge with the ability to apply research techniques in practice. I hope that this module will help me reflect on the required steps toward creating insightful and suitable critical reviews of literature and to better understand the roles of literature reviews in research.

What do you want to Learn?

By doing this managing research module, I want to learn the different types of research and which research is useful in business and management. I want to learn the different approaches to conducting a research and distinguish the various types of research. I want to learn what a proper research entails. I want to get to formulate research problems and hypotheses in a clear and concise manner. By doing this module, I want to learn the range of advanced research techniques, be able to evaluate these techniques and apply them appropriately. I want to get to communicate research findings effectively, both orally and in written form, to the business researchers and practitioner communities. I want to learn the different strategies used to focus, identify, evaluate and organize material and approaches to creating a proper research, as well as discussing common drawbacks and how to avoid them.

What Skills do you want to Test?

I want to check whether my communication skills are excellent, both oral and written skills. I want to test whether I am patient enough to conduct a research such as waiting for questionnaires to be answered. I want to test my understanding capability. How well I understand what I have learnt and whether I can conduct a real research on my own. I want to test my technical skills, whether I can present research, I have done using power point to a group of people. I want to test my presentation skills, whether I can use graphs, pie charts and bars to present data. I want to test my reading skills and note making ability, whether these skills will enable me to conduct a good research. I want to test my interpretation skills, whether I can interpret data from primary and secondary sources and compile material for my research.

What are you looking forward to and what are you Anxious about?

I look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have learnt in the field as a practitioner. I look forward to conducting a good research in my area of study as a practitioner. I hope to apply what I have learnt in this module and plan an actual research project in detail. I look forward to interpreting what I have learnt in this module when conducting my real research. I am anxious about doing interviews, sending questionnaires and using other data collection methods to formulate my research. I am concerned about presenting my research to my other colleagues at work or other people in my line of study.

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