Annotated Bibliography: Journal from Marketing

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Date:  2022-10-21

Marketing Capabilities in International Marketing by Neil A. Morgan, Hui Feng, and Kimberly A. Whitler issued on March 2018.

There has been a substantial upsurge in researches that handle marketing capabilities as an essential aspect of marketing theory-based accounts for performance; the focus on research in marketing capabilities has been mirrored in the international marketing works. Nevertheless, there is ambiguity on whether and how research regarding international marketing capabilities varies from of marketing capabilities in the several prominent journals publishing research in international marketing. Therefore, the study seeks to explore the field of market capabilities to eliminate the ambiguity between local and internal literature on marketing capabilities.

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Teaching an Elevated View of Marketing: Marketing with Customers by Gary Ottely and Nada Nasr Bechwati published on 20 Dec 2017.

This article aimed at providing new insight seeking to challenges the perception that marketing in the present society is experiencing a change in its initial beliefs comprises those regarding how the field treats clients. Hence, it gives a roadmap to teaching marketing, which structures a client as one among several active associates who outlines their own worth-in- use, instead of inactive purchasers who are valued for their economic support.

Organizing for Marketing Excellence by Christine Moorman & George S. Day released November 2016.

Marketing organization is the edge of the firm with its markets and where the work of marketing is fulfilled. The analysis of the past 25 years of scholarship on marketing firm scrutinizes the individual and integrative task of four essentials of the marketing organization. These essentials of marketing organization are culture, capabilities, configuration, and, the human capital of marketing talent and leadership. The writers suggest that these four aspects are prepared through seven marketing undertakings, which happens during the marketing strategy process. These undertakings enable the company to predict change in marketing, acclimate the approach to stay ahead of the struggle, position the firm to the strategy and market, stimulate process defines the performance payoffs from the marketing union.

When and How Board Members with Marketing Experience Facilitate Firm Growth by Kimberly A. Whitler, Ryan Krause, & Donald R. Lehmann September 2018.

Researchers have express concern about marketing's influence at the considered standard of the company is weakening. Constant with the perception, only 2.6% of the Company's board members have marketing experience. The researchers indicate that this is shortsighted and that it comprises more marketing skilled board members will elevate firm growth by assisting firms prioritizing growth strategic objectives and contributing their capacity to enhance the usefulness of revenue development strategies. Utilizing the behavioral modern of corporate governance, the researchers have established a hypothetical framework explaining the conditional, structural, and, dispositional influence arbitrators, which interfere with the impact of MEBMs on the development of the firm.

Can a Nobel Prize Save Marketing? - A Social Value Approach by Abu N. M. Waheeduzzaman, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Published on 2018

To solve the difficulty of global concerns and challenges, marketing must look beyond the traditional business strategy. This article provides a widening of marketing concept through the establishment and delivery of social value, which is effective, affordable, observable, sustainable, and, ethical. Social value assist marketing to establish a "legacy of leaving a better world than we inherited," an agenda supported by Alfred Nobel.


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