Ancient Greek and Modern Westernized Society Cultural Diversification.

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Date:  2022-10-10

Cultural diversity has form structures with time, this can still be explained in the ancient and modern world. Some of these cultural structures have remained constant over a long time. Some of them are even hard to establish any evidence of the existence of the structure in the modern days setting. Over the years these structures have either been modified or changed into certain ways by modern man. By studying "Homer's the Odyssey", the book helps one understand the cultural dynamic that has been in play for the century. All the cultures and society are recognizable and foreign if they infuse to the modern western world. This essay seeks to give comprehensive details comparing ancient Greek and modern westernized society cultural diversification.

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Unlike the westernization of modern society, in Greek man is considered the masculine and head of the house. The wife would follow since she has less authority and children will follow in that order from the firstborn in that hierarchal power and authority. Penelope and Telemachus are used to illustrate this factor in the Odyssey. According to the story we see Telemachus trying to find a household because he was grown up. Telemachus is considered a boy by people and the flux in his household make it difficult for him to marry. Telemachus' mother doesn't want him to marry. Another factor was that his father was missing and all the suitors refuse to leave the house. In the part of the play, we see Telemachus trying to prove his manhood worth. Athena Odysseus's son helps him. Indeed, looking at how Telemachus struggled to prove his manhood can be related to the modern western society. It is the same case in a modern society where a man has to prove himself by having valuable character, body stature, wealth acquired to impress or win a woman. Both of them indicate a sense of outstanding manhood character in a man.

In Athens measure of wealth was determined by livestock, precious materials such as gold, silver, bronze, and diamond. In stories of Odysseus Telemachus being offered many gifts to take home on his quest to find his father. We also see Odysseus being given gift's in the many houses that he visited. Odysseus loots during a war as a way of increasing wealth. In modern western society, there are many similarities to the evidence of wealth. The car has replaced may livestock especially those for transportation. But land is still considered a fundamental measure of wealth. The gold is also used today and money as a measure of wealth.

Odysseus serves as warriors and war commanders but they were never taking roles as Kings, meaning that these people did not have full authority. The society considers him like an ordinary man who has earned the rights by his ability to lead. We see in the story Odysseus serving as a ship captain with people who had signed up for the war. It is a problem and threat to common people by the fact that he hides the truth from his men. Odysseus can be compared with the modern-day corporate leader, not a historical leader. This is because his talents won his position as a leader. People with talented leadership skills make a mark in the modern western culture.

Greek society preserves their cultural practices dearly, especially when it comes to family ties and keens. For instance, respect is the paramount and prevailing character to Odysseus. Despite the fact Eurylochus causing trouble, Odysseus is obliged to condone his disrespectful behavior because they are related. In the modern's society, such cultural complication entangles us in our modern world today. Kinship has been eroded as compared to how it was in ancient society. Today society we see kinship is less institutionalized. But in most situations, we find ourselves entangle when people we related to make mistakes. Guilt is part of human consciousness. There is power in guilt and no one can argue that wrongly. In modern western society, guilt has been considered something to be avoided rather than being embraced as part of life. Guilt should be acted upon and It should be entertained.

Ritual conducted for the gods include sprinkling grains and wines onto grounds. Burning of meat to be eaten as part of the cultural practices. Guest had their proper ritual and how they should respond. It is illustrated many times by suitors who keep bending and breaking this guest rules. Suitors greatest crime was disregarding of these common cultural practices. It is clearly related to the rulesets for hospitability. It was common to give hospitality to all guest requesting accommodation and treatments. This kind of cultural aspect was not only necessary for them but also important to many other ancient cultural practices during that reign. A good example is a story about Cyclops who went against the rule, instead of responding properly on gestures when odysseys brought the gift, it claimed he locks the men up and devoured them all. There are minimal corresponding to this hospitality in our current modern culture, though the act of giving the gift is still incorporated thus it facilitates reciprocity of the ancient Odysseys culture. Though the practice may be minimal to families and communities, it should be reciprocated and practice at least tactfully by engaging it in marketing and servicing in our current business and financial market.

Physical strength was high value by Ancient Greek, it is depicted by the invention of Olympics. The strength traits were illustrated through game scenes. The practice includes man taunting Odysseus as he shoots arrows through the ax scene, doing this action will convince the audience to be the true Odysseus. The Greeks valued a lot man's cleverness and how they use their mind appropriately. The Men had to showcase their agility, smartness, and strength to get a highly prestigious woman to marry. In our current world, this trait is implicated in the Olympics. The participant shows strength, endurance, and discipline during the Olympic competition which is still vital to the world. The cleverness aspect is a culture practiced in modern westernized culture. It is evident in their concerns to the quality of creativity and innovation, especially in business.

Athenians take revenge on a person who trespassed their cultural structure, these perpetrators were usually sentenced to death as a punishment. Greeks culture showcase Odysseus revenge which was the reason for not going home after many years. Polyphemus seeks revenge on the Odysseus for taking his eyes. Poseidon is in a position to execute Odysseus but could not because the other gods forbid the killing of Odysseus. In modernized western society, such revenues are not allowed rather it incorporates institution. The constitution law set takes care of these revenues to the wronged while the victim is not expected to revenge.

In conclusion, the universal basic human needs in our day to day activities comprises of power, comfort, safety, and pleasure. In comparison to the ancient Greek odysseys in the current western setting, every nation wants to have power as a sense of authority. An influential person in the most case makes rules and decision without even dictating. Safety is the dream of every person in our society. It is true that we live in a world full of dangers, but by mitigating such lethal aspects surrounding us it increases our chances of survival and this is through our safety. Working or conducting activities with peace of mind and comfort result to effectiveness and production in person undertakings. Therefore, we tend to value comfort a lot, because it improves our end product after all. People would do anything to find pleasure in their life's. Usually, after strenuous activity, our body needs rest. Therefore, indulging in pleasurable activities would relax our body and help in regaining back to its full potential. This practice is exercise by going to movie theaters, swimming, participating in sports events, going for vocational trips. It is evident that the only constant thing is "change", therefore structures from the ancient culture changes with time. Human is still human, their psychological behavior does not change that much, hence it with no doubt an ancient story written a long time ago still impact knowledge to readers today. Some of the Cultural practices that were conducted in ancient Greeks still have high values to our current world cultural practices.

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