Internship in Canada: Legal Issues, Benefits, and Challenges - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-13


Following the request you assigned me concerning my views on the hiring intern from Fanshawe, after some time of deep thoughts and burning the midnight oil, I came to brave the following aspects. At first, you must understand the legal issues that govern interns in Canada. That is, you can neither fire a worker and replace him or her with an intern without payment nor assign an intern a job that brings in money. Therefore, you should know that an intern under normal circumstances can be considered to be an employee under the Employment Standard Act.

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As we look for an intern, you should put in consideration that he or she have an obligation of receiving training from the employer. The way we handle workers, therefore, should be different from the way we treat the interns. This is because the individuals in an internship have little experience compared to the workers; hence, they should be handled with great care. Also, another crucial aspect that we should not forget about is the aspect that the intern is trained skills that are applied by employer's employees. This means that the employee's will, most of the time, be responsible for the intern as they teach them on the skills of the employer. The employees, therefore, play the part of the employer while training the intern.

As it is clear, the profound issue for an intern in training. Therefore, the intern will have one of the workers who will help him, learn the ropes, and later will be assigned some little tasks to complete. Despite the routine work, many projects are to be done next month. To make matters clear, the students don't have fantastic writing skills, and probably they may complain from the first day. But via the excellent training that will be offered more so from Amanda from another wing, the intern will have an easy time on their duties and training. This is because Amanda have a teenager and also he knows all about community involvement. Therefore having this aspect will make him have an easy time with the intern.

Via hiring interns every term, we shall gain popularity and fame. We shall be exhibiting social responsibility and concern to the community. This will make the image of the company positive as people will talk good about the company. More so, while hiring interns every term, people will have confidence in the company. At least apart from benefiting from individuals, the individuals will also be benefiting from the company. The impact of the interns to the company is also significant. They have great importance to the functioning of the company. Putting in mind that workers get a lot of pay than the interns, therefore, having an intern will economize on a budget of the company.


To summer up, it was better if we commenced the process of receiving applications as we communicate to HR personnel. If there will need to add extra time in the whole process, please don't hastate to grant us. This is a crucial activity which slowly requires attention to come out with the best. As we prepare for the whole event, we promise to exercise legal system. Transparency and honesty shall prevail. We expect the process to be fruitful and to attain the best intern who will catch up quickly with the system in the company and be cooperative.


Baird, B. N. (2015). Internship, practicum, and field placement handbook: A guide for the helping profession. Routledge.

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