Analysis of Psychology Session: Power Dynamics

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Date:  2022-04-07


When I was writing the individual plan for today's session, I was thinking as my supervisor was my audience and not the child. Also, in the preparation of this session with the word "power" in its subject, I wanted to be explicit and give several examples for the client's further understanding on how to define negative and positive power. I was also thinking of an activity or planning to use visual illustrations to help the client distinguish between positive and negative power. In this session, my plan was to use a small piece of paper written Positive Power, and on another piece of paper I write Negative Power, and cut small pieces of images or pictures of abuse, intimidation, happy faces, sad faces, happy couples, professional individuals, and pictures of people thinking. At the end, the client could choose from these pictures or images and place in each paper three types of different feelings; after which the client will be able to explain and distinguish between positive and negative power. I thought I did a good job of planning this individual plan, which I duly forwarded to my field instructor and I awaited his feedback.

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When I received the feedback from my field instructor, I noticed that my plan had some corrections. First, I should think about who is my audience, and in this case, my audience is the child to whom I provide the individual counseling sessions. Then I have noticed something about myself that whenever I try to explain something, I strive to be detailed and I tend to overthink on how I will execute my session. This has an effect of creating possible confusion where there is too much explanation. In addition, in one of the comments from my FI, I like the fact that I hear the word "simplify" that helped me to summarize the subject of Power Dynamics and move forward with the subject.

I was able to fix the plan for the individual session and then held another session with my client. This was the eighth sessions with the client in which I was not able to see the client for the past two weeks. As he entered this counseling session, I welcomed my client and he seemed happy to return to the session because he smiled when he saw me after which he went straight to the counseling room eager to start the session. After we sat down, I asked how everything was with him since we had not seen each other for a long time. The client started telling me about a trip to Washington DC that his school had made which he was not able to go, although his friends were able to send him pictures of the places they visited in Washington DC. The client said there will be many more opportunities in the future to go on such school trips. I liked the fact that he was positive in the way he was seeing things. The client also mentioned that he was able to play soccer and visit his father during the weekends.

After the welcoming pleasantries were over, I introduced the client to what we were going to do for that day. I told him that we were going to talk about "Power" and I asked him what he thought Power was? I liked the client's extensive and explanatory concept of power. My client told me that power is something that everybody's carries with them, especially the president as he has power because he can access and do anything whatever he wants. For instance, President Trump has the power that he frequently uses and abuses. I also asked him whether he sees this power as a positive or negative connotation. I liked the fact the client used Trump's presidential powers saying that the president is a wealthy billionaire who, instead of helping the needy communities and families in the American society, is abusing his power trying to separate families by deporting immigrants back to their home countries. I also gave the client the concept of power which is how people influence other people in a good way or they might influence others in a negative way. Then I asked him who seems to have power in his school, where my client responded by saying the teachers had all the power because they were there to teach them and also to discipline them when necessary. My client also mentioned that he does not think any of his classmates had such power. I also asked him whom he thought had power in his household and he mentioned that it was his father and mother. The client's explanation on this was that his father was the one who covered the expenses and also that when his father tells him to do anything he has to do it if he does not want to be reprehended. I asked him in what way he gets reprehended and my client mentioned that his father has a mean look and a deep tone of voice that can easily scare off anyone. Then he explained that his mother was powerful because she is the one who takes care of my client and his siblings and that also because she cooks delicious meals.

Then we started talking about positive power and the negative power. I explained to the client what was the meaning of negative power. We used his own example of president Donald Trump, who abuses his power by intimidating people through immigration policies and deportation. We also talked about the tone of voice when people talk to other people. Also, the body language that clearly shows the signs of intimidation. I showed him the cycle of violence and how this uses the tension building to portray violent behaviors making people be afraid others. Also from the picture, he saw a man attempting to hit a woman and understood that is was not right because the man believes he is stronger but in reality, I do not think this is right. He also he sees how in the picture he was blaming the woman for no reason. I really liked how the client is self-conscious and aware of how abuse of power can hurt through intimidation or harming, making other people feel fear and my client said he does not like when people abuse their power or use it negatively. I really enjoy talking to my client because he actively engages in the counseling sessions and also shows more maturity, unlike other children.

On the other hand, we talk about the positive power and I asked him how he could describe positive power. The client stated that in a couple, positive power is where there is happiness and respect towards partners and the use of individual abilities to help other people and influence them in a good way. I liked the fact that the client also explored deep within himself and found out that his personal power was to be happy, smart, and that he also wants to use his personal power to influence those around him in a good way. He also mentioned that in his school many of his friends only see adults as people who have power.


At the end of the session, I appreciated my client because he has a good sense of awareness and thinking to better his community and help the needy. He is humorous and also free to express and share his thoughts during the sessions. I like the fact that the client engaged easily in the sessions and was open to talking about any topic of discussion. I also liked the fact that the client got to know his personal power which was his smartness and if he uses it in a positive way, he will help his community as well as family in his future life.

At the end of the session, I was thinking how children can see the power and also how they are able to know this power and learn to distinguish between these two types of power. In addition, when it comes to new subjects to talk to my clients I learned to simplify my sessions whenever I have to plan my individual counseling sessions.

In the upcoming session, I will talk to the client about what abuse is and the different types of abuse. The types we are going to use will be the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

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