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Date:  2022-12-14

The Amish community is a small group of people who were living in a separate area of the eastern parts of the United States of America in the ancient years. This group of the community has a cultural group which was known as Amish, and the group had established themselves as a distinctive entity in America's different countryside. Amish life had some centered beliefs on Religion, a form of farming and agriculture, and the family beliefs and culture. Most of the other people who were not among the Amish community and Amish culture were living present era, and this group of Amish seems to be out a touch by the current time and the culture of another era. Their beliefs and religion was the key attributable to Amish life and culture (Hostetler, 1983).

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One of the significant aspects of Amish life and livelihood was farming. The Amish community was more focusing on the growing and harvesting food and other yields though they had some factors such as Amish community principles and ethics, the form of economic organization, relations in gender, political organization, social change and organization which was affecting their culture.

The Amish culture and beliefs seem to be more exciting and somehow ridiculous. As much as they were living in a secluded area surrounded by cities full of new technologies, this community was living without mobile phones, electricity, and most of the new modern comforts that people seem to be the most essential and granted by many.

Most of the people seem to be astonished by the community as to why are they living the traditional life yet the technology has changed that much. For Example, Donald Kraybill once asked how do this community with Tradition-Landen people reject the new technology, for example, refusing the electric power, computers, automobiles and unique form of education can survive in this era and how will they succeed in the middle of people living the modern life (Kraybill, 1994).

The Amish Lifestyle was so unique and different from the life modern people around them live and many modern people fail to understand their tradition and rural life of the community. Thus, most people thought that the Amish community was living an old fashioned life and they feared to change their culture. Modern people try as much as possible to change the life of the community.

Every communion of the Amish community divided into small districts where they live, and they had their independent rules which were agreed by the community. Their rules constitute the requirement in clothing, the accepted color of vehicles and households. This community is known for wearing plain clothes which they used to be made in the community.

The Amish community used to do farming and stores their food and what they can purchase from stores was the affixes food such as flour and sugar. The community could not accept the use of modern technology in farming such as modern machinery, and they would instead decide to sweat and toil by using their manual way of farming than using a new mechanism which would ease their cultivation which was more convenient. The Amish community could use alternative power in machines needing power rather than using the electricity to drive them.

The Amish community life had a centered form of Christianity which was demanding a strict observance to the word written in the Bible. Church and religious functions and ceremonies were the most important aspects in the society where each was required to dedicate themselves to the living God through the religious studies. Though the community had some belief that the adults were alleged to be possessed by free will and children were seen as innocent souls, and thus they were free from judgment by God. Children were required to comply with the adults in the society and their will.

Amish community had their form of education where children could attend the same class in their local schools which was always run by the community. The Amish children could attend school and only thought through the eighth grades system of education through this eighth-grade had limits in the United States but was believed to be a suitable form of knowledge according to the Supreme Court ruling. The children were given the basic of reading, writing and some calculations in maths and were also given instructions in English. They were taught about Amish history and common agricultural and homemaking skills (Hostetler, 1971).

The community had a lot of similarities in the way of life. They believed in the same God and form of Christianity and also the all community does farming using the ancient tools of agriculture. The Amish community had a universal religion and way of worship which was built on the Ordung. The Amish community prefers to live in secluded areas where they could preserve their cultures and old traditions (Powell, 2012).

The Amish community education would go up to the eighth level. The community was very reluctant to any innovation in towards their culture. The main distinction between the Amish community and other society was the code of dressing and form of the technology they use.


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