American Music of 20th Century Essay

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Date:  2022-06-19

In this video, there is a piece of music in which a good listener will describe it from various perspectives. Considering the characteristics of the essential elements that are available in any music type, it is possible to define the music found in this video. The first element to highlight will be the instrumentation of the music in which features such as mood, voices, and balance are core in this case. There will be a consideration into the rhythm of the music, and this will focus on the tempo and level of activity. Finally, there will be a review of the form of this music in which elements such as the use of contrast will be analyzed. Use of instrumentation, rhythm, and form in a piece of music is essential because it helps to make the song an interesting one; thus, the message is easily listened to by many people.

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Looking at the general outlook of the video, it constitutes aspects that describe the life of the Americans in the most parts of the 20th century. The composer thought he would not have done this well without involving music as a component in his video. The music is indeed exciting and matches the circumstance in which the documentary is focused. Rhythm takes center stage in this music since it is much noticeable. The aspect is depicted by the moods of the characters and how they respond to the song beats. Ideally, the music is done in a low tempo to mirror the emotions and moods of the characters. They were in a challenging moment and wanted a change in the lifestyle of the Americans, and this is a manifestation of the level of activity in this music.

Instrumentation is also an essential element in this music. There is an excellent use of instruments, and the most used ones are guitars and voice amplifiers. Notably, the music is sung in a moderate volume, and this enables the participants to reflect on the real issue that is being aired. There is a right balance between the use of instrumentation and the vocal singing from the participants. Primarily, this is aimed to make sure that the listener does not focus on one aspect of the music at the expense of the other one. Therefore, the music well blends. The loudness of the musical pitch is as well optimized to bring out the best effect from the song. In the same vein, the usage of instrumentation mirrors the voices of the singers.

Finally, the form is indeed reflected in this piece of music. There are different layout compositions in this music. In this music, contrast is being used to separate various parts of the song. Both harmonic and melodic contrasts are applied to the right effect. The harmonic contrast is observed in complex forms that are seen in the moods of the characters. They are done with an aim to bring consonance in the music. Also, there is melodic contrast which assumes a linear scale. It is the use of the instrumentations that helps to define this melodic contrast. They are done to bring out the disjunction effect which marks out the melodic contrast clearly.


To conclude, the song was sung with an intention to change the lives of the Americans. It was during the 20th century, and changes in technology helped to popularize the style of play. In this regard, amplifiers and the recording potentials at the moment contributed to sharing of this music in the broad population. Thus, it was easy to pass the message of the song; hence, the profit motives were advanced. At the end of it all, it was possible to have changes in the lives of the Americans.

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