Millennial Ignorance of Holocaust

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Date:  2022-03-03

The millennial generation is people considered to be born between 1981 and 1996. In 2019 they are between the ages of 23 and 38. Persons within this age bracket are way above the traditions and history to them is a thing that does add much value in their lives. They are after the trading things in terms of fashion, studies, and the general, among others. It is a group that the world considers to be over-ambitious and have the desire to achieve overnight success, and they have no patience in most of their progress. According to several reports across the global studies indicate that most of the people in the millennial group do know about the Holocaust, which leads to the wiping out of six million Jews during World War II. Most of them admit that they have not heard of the Holocaust, and they do not even know what it is all about.

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According to CBS/AP in their article of 2018 "4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust, study shows" it is evident that in America at least 22% of the millennial group has not heard of the Holocaust or they are not sure if they have ever heard of it before. Similarly, the study also indicates that at least 11 percent of the adults in America have not heard of the issue of the Holocaust, and this study was published during the Holocaust commemoration day. It is an indication that there are people who are clueless about the massacre of the 6 million Jews. It is not only about the millennial group, but even older people are not aware of the Holocaust.

The article further explains that the figures used by some millennials in quantifying the number of people killed during the Holocaust are also wrong. It is reported that 41 percent of the millennial group think it was only two million or less were killed during the Holocaust. The article is both expository and analytical as it does not only give facts but also backs it up with figures in terms of percentages. It provides both the interests of the millennial and the adults who are not aware of the history of the Jews massacred by the Germans and their allies. As much as Auschwitz is a common place that has been heard over and over again it is still a new word to some people because they are not aware that it is one of the concentration camps where the Jews were brutalized. The article explains that there is still a fissure regarding the facts of the Holocaust and in-depth knowledge regarding the happening.

Similarly, the authors explain that currently, people care less about the event of the Holocaust as compared to past times. The article explains that seventy percent of the American adults consented to the facts that fewer people care less about the Holocaust than before. Additionally, some American adults also believe that someday, a similar occurrence like the Holocaust can occur again. It is approximated that fifty-eight percent of these people think that the same event can be experienced in America. It can happen someday because of the racial issues that are hugely experienced in America today, but what is not certain is on who such a brutal act can be exercised. The knowledge awareness was done among one thousand three hundred and fifty People who were above the age of eight years. The article has not only reported about the survey to get the answers but has also created awareness and impacted knowledge regarding the issue of the Holocaust.

The article emphasizes the need for Holocaust education in schools as this will help create knowledge and understanding of the younger generation. The authors explain that Greig Schneider stated that it is a crucial aspect which needs to be deliberated. It is critical because it will help those who have no clue to be aware of such a history that touches on humanity and also helps to avoid such occurrences in the future. While every year, there is a Holocaust commemoration day people in America are still not aware of the massacre. The Israelis commemorate the holocaust day every year by filling buses, moving around all the cities alighting and bowing down in respect to the Jews killed during the Holocaust. There is also a moment of silence in the American nation in honor of the Jews. It is ridiculous to know that even after sirens are heard every year, their people who do not know about the Holocaust.

Similarly, the sad day is also marked with memorial events in schools and specific community centers, and I believe it is an avenue of creating awareness to the school children and people in the community. It is a practice that makes a majority of the people aware of the Holocaust. In the restaurant and cafes, the commemoration is also done, and because it is a place where everyone goes it does not give any person a reason to say that they are not aware of the Holocaust.

The article has highlighted several places where holocaust commemoration is done as well as giving how it is done. The American millennial group may not be aware of the Holocaust because they might not be keen on knowing what the ceremonies connote. Despite them hearing sirens and seeing Israeli's performing individual acts, they may not be interested in knowing about the events. The article explores the critical facts that the American nation need to address to help the millennial groups to understand the Holocaust, and this can be helpful in the avoidance of such brutality in the future. The government and non-governmental organizations need to look into the issue and ensure that sufficient sensitization and knowledge is given to the citizens, especially the millennial category.

It is absurd to know that a majority of the millennials do not know or are not aware of the Holocaust, yet celebrations are done yearly to commemorate the day. There also adults who do have any clue regarding the Holocaust. There is a lot that needs to be done to create awareness of the dark day in the history of humanity. It does affect not only the Jews but also the non-Jews too. It is the commemoration of a day that racism made the Germans kill the Jews with a bid to wipe them out from the existence. The article has addressed all rhetorical appeals of logic, ethics, and pathos by incorporating statistics to state the facts and also using scholars opinion that is backed up by research on the group of millennial group. The millennial groups also need to focus more on history and learn the things that could affect them in the future. As some of the adults amounting to fifty-eight percent suggested, there are chances that the Holocaust could occur again and this is an aspect that needs to be taken care of to avoid another brutality on humanity in the future. It can only be avoided by ensuring that the current generation is aware of the Holocaust and its effects on the victims. It will help them to prevent such acts of violence and killings against fellow human beings.

The millennial group is only a percentage of the people who are not aware of the Holocaust by if more studies are done; several other people will also record the same issue. Some adults have never had an interest in knowing about the historical happenings, and they, therefore, fall under this category of holocaust ignorant millennial groups. Further studies need to be done regarding people's knowledge and awareness of the Holocaust for a detailed picture of inexperienced people to be obtained.

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