Advertising Campaign on the Theme "SomedayIsToday"

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Date:  2022-06-22

Media Objectives

Raise $2 from every member of the society to be used in maintaining the website, and other paid marketing activities

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Increase print and online mentions by 25% by July 2019 by several tactics including getting links from other influential websites

Increase the number of volunteers by 25% in a 12-month period.

Create one video per month to tell stories about the impact of our organization by October 2018.

Recruit 25 new organizations to join LinkedIn page

Boost website traffic among Millennials by 30% by February 2019.

Integrate social media throughout the organization to use, post, and interact with audiences on a weekly basis by January 2019.

Media Strategies

Focus on 2-3 social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook

Create and utilize hangtag #SomedayIsToday on all social media platforms

Create Facebook filter frames with "Someday is Today," "Beating Cancer Is In Our Blood," and "Join Me In The Fight of Cancer By Donating Today."

Identify top 25 influencers on social media to form relationships with to help post, report and spread the word about LLS.

Identify individuals and organizations with nonprofit interests on LinkedIn for volunteer opportunities.

Media Tactics

Inbound Lead Generation - Involves creation of website and monitoring will be more comfortable regarding information flow. The content should be structured in a way that will make the common search engines locate the information and recognize what it is all about. Hence it will match it to what the users will be looking for related to what they may be searching. Each one of the pages should have a keyword that summarizes the content within the location.

Target audience likes - The Millennials preferences need to be put in mind to be used to draw their attention to the objectives of the society. They will need to see that this is something that can interfere with the activities that they like most and stop them from enjoying the same, and hence, the reason to develop an interest in its objectives.

Recruiting of Organizations - The organizations to be recruited from LinkedIn need to have their objectives scanned They will have to be given some benefit in the form of getting them membership and redirecting traffic to their respective sites for the content that had been highlighted relating to the objectives of the society. Hence, the two will have some symbiotic form of relationship.

Blogging - this is one of the ways that strangers can be directed to the activities of the media owned by the society. Some of the information can be put in such a way that without having details of the visitors, then they cannot be given access. This means that the society will have their contacts for integration into the social media sites.

Social media promotion - this will provide different means through which information can be communicated. This will direct new leads with a presence in specific social media sites to access and see the information that is presented by the society in the other sites out of curiosity. For example, someone accessing information from Twitter can then be given a link to the Facebook page that will give it in detail. The Facebook page can, on the other hand, give one a link to the society's website for contact details.

Outbound Lead Generation - This will involve signing up with the sites that have to be paid to direct traffic to our sites. This will be suitable for a specific target audience that meets a given criterion other than the general one that is gotten from the inbound lead generation. This form of generation can also be done during events marketing organized by other companies where the society can pay to have their content displayed. Direct mails can be sent to prospective and existing members reminding them about upcoming events or providing links to the society's websites for further information.

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