Adult Development Plan

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Date:  2021-03-01

Adult learners have a variety of issues that hinder their success in education (Merriam, 2008). In this regard, my school has devised various adult development plans that aids in helping them feel comfortable in school and at work. For instance, it has set up specific training sessions that are mostly attended by adults. This is because, adult learners need practical and result oriented types of teachings to develop. Additionally, they have given them the leeway to choose on when they attend the classes. This ensures that they have time for each of their multilevel activities. The school community has further set up programs where adults can come together and form joined initiatives in what is termed as social capital. To ensure that there is social trust, the school has set up different orientation and events where they can all get to know each other (Shanthilakshmi & Ganesan, 2013).

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With regard to adult learning needs, the school has a very tentative schedule for the adult learners. In this regard, they can alternate easily from work to school then finally to their families. Additionally, the curricular is set in such a way that every adult learner gets more value in his/her area of profession. In the quest to support identity formation, every adult learner is free to apply his/her personalities in the institution. Additionally, they are all offered opportunities to develop their personal goals for the betterment of their professional aspirations. There are different generations of adults in the school. As such, the institution has a way of bringing them together through talks and joined forums. As such, the different groups are able to share ideas and experiences. Many ethical norms exist in this institution. For instance, integrity and responsibility are paramount. In this regard, every adult should be straightforward and take responsibility for his/her actions.

Although the school has done a lot to ensure a better adult development, there are several issues that it needs to address. In this regard, the adult learners have been marginalized. Specifically, there are not considered as part of the institution. As such, they do not fully contribute to the growth of the institution. The other issue is that of failure to admit adults who want to pursue courses to be more refined because of lack of finances. In this case, there are many adult learners who drop out of the institution because they cannot raise the necessary amounts to continue with their course. These adults are otherwise very visionary and can greatly contribute to the success of the institution. The last problem is the lack of proper arrangements for their education. In this case, there are no arrangements on how the adults can balance their education with other work commitments. This impedes the chances of the adults making it through the curriculum.

The school has however, out some strategies to ensure that the issues that are related to adult development are properly addressed. In this regard, they have started to view the adult learners as part of the institution. Just like other students, they have offered them equal rights and opportunities just like other regular students. This has attracted adults to register for training to improve their skills. Additionally, the institution has tentatively varied its timetables for the benefit of the adults. To grow them properly, it has introduced sessions where they interact and exchange ideas. With regard to fees, the institution has collaborated with various financial institutions so that it can offer loans to the adult learners. This way, they have been able to continue with studies despite the inadequacy of school fees. Further, the school has recognized that the adults have more commitments than other students have and, therefore, offered virtual learning service to those who cannot make it to school.

There are several strategies that I would use to address the issues that are related with adult development. For instance, to attract more adult learners, I would offer several incentives o the adults so that they have more motivated to develop professionally (Rogers, 2007). In this regard, the scholarships that are available will be shared equally between the regular students and the adults. Further, I would bring initiatives that are aimed at developing the professional skills of the students. This will include providing the up-to-date courses that are market oriented as opposed to bombarding them with theoretical concepts. Apart from that, I would ensure that those adults who are not able to attend the sessions in person have a platform where they can do so from the comfort of their homes. The will mean introducing virtual leaning where adults can interact via the internet. These strategies have a very high probability of success since they are financially feasible (Shanthilakshmi, & Ganesan, 2013). Additionally, they are compatible with the aims of adults, which are to develop mentally, psychologically and professionally.

From the course of adult development there are several; earning insights that I gained. In this regard, I learnt that adults have very numerous differences in how they develop than other regular students. Additionally, they differ in the way they think and how they value education. While regular students are focusing on passing the exams and going to the next level, the adult students are more concerned with how the education will add value to their profession (Cavanaugh & Blanchard-Fields, 2014). In this regard, they are result oriented as opposed to regular students who are focused on exams. Additionally, adult development requires the collective effort of the institution. In this regard, social capital and social trust is necessary for their development. Adults are less open minded and, therefore, more resistant to development. This is because of the maturity that leads to their resilience and rigidity. Further, they require the use of personal experience in learning. As such, they are not concerned with the theoretical parts but the practical aspects. From the psychological perspective, adults require a slower but more integrated learning.

In conclusion, adults in school have a very critical role in developing the key academic improvement initiatives. However, for them to achieve this they must be acquainted with the necessary skills and expertise necessary for their work. My school has provided initiatives to encourage adult education on various ways of developing to better individuals. In this regard, they have initiatives that are aimed at having social capitals for their benefit. Additionally, they have ensured social trust by interacting and socializing with one another. However, for the sake of their education, they school has marginalized them. In this regard, I would ensure that the institution has virtual learning facilities, which will help the adults learn and develop. In any case, proper managerial skills can only be obtained through proper education that I integrated with experience. Further, adults are more resistant to changes than other young people are since they are more mature and rigid.


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