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ABC FOOD STORES Company was set up in the year 2015. The company has been active in the last three years and has grown broadly. In the last three years, ABC FOOD STORES Ltd has opened 15 branches in Washington DC and New York. The main products offered by the ABC FOOD Stores limited include processing of processed food products, frozen foods, fruits &vegetables, drinks and Daily products. The company projects to have at least two stores in each of the remaining American states by the beginning of 2020.ABC Food Stores also plans to have a branch in over 100 countries in the next 10 years. Mr. Peterson who has been the founder and the CEO of the company since its foundation has exhibited effective leadership and good coordination among the managers of the company hence the already existing market share. ABC Food Stores Ltd Company operates in the very competitive industry in the United State of America. The main competitors in the industry are Walmart Company, Bruce Foods, Deep foods and Rhino food among others. All the major competitors of the ABC Food Stores Ltd have websites, official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram official pages. The companies are also actively involved in both E-commerce and online advertising. Despite the progress of the ABC Food Stores, the company has not taken advantage of the internet. The company has not established a website nor doesn't enjoy the benefits of the social media platforms.

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Internet advertisement is the most recent and trending development by the upcoming and already established companies. Internet could be referred to a network that provide all form of communication and also offer a platform for interconnection using some set standard of guidelines and protocol. Different companies adopt various form of advertisement in order to market their product and services however there are some form of adverstment that guarantee a wide coverage and also the speed. A company that adopts the internet means of adverstment is likely to cover a wide coverage and hence assure good market exposure. The research will entail the importance of internet advertisement to the companies.

Importance of Internet Advertisement

Internet helps the company to maximize its exposure through ensuring company maintain a formidable powerful background bases. Internet helps both small business and big enterprise to create some good loyalty from the customer through ensuring they respond to the queries from the customer. Internet is the fastest means of communication between the customer and the company since it is the recent media that many people are uses currently. In addition the use of the internet will help the company to brand their names and also increase visibility. Social media is the most used media in the recent days hence a company using such a platform will improve recognition of the brand and the audiences. The company needs to establish a good profile for its business which will help to create a network connection with the employee and the customer. The company will create content in the social media which will be shared with customer, employees and other potential investor who will "like' the advert and simply interact with the content through giving feedback. The content will help improve the visbility of the company as interested investor will consider thinking about the product and the services the company offers. Recent research indicates that over 91% of the potential investor gets the visibility of the company through the social media platform. A company having a website page will accrue some benefit as many people will visit the web to search on the available good and services of the company.

Social media offer 24 hours, 7 days visibility. A company has a lot of benefit to accrue from investing in the social media platform during the presentation and visibility of the company. Other means of communication do not guarantee a wide coverage like social media. A company will require establishing a website and sharing all the content that will help to link the company and the potential investor who might consider investing in the company. In addition the social media cover a wide geographical coverage hence reducing the cost that might have otherwise being used in making road show to showcase the company profile. Besides, the company will have a good platform through the social media to enhance good presentation as the content will learn for 24/7 hence they will have time to modify the already sent content online. By the virtue that website is available online it makes it simple for the company to review its product and service hence making it simple for the company to sell its visibility to the outside World of business.

On the other hand, Internet has merit during the company visibility. Internet offers improved engine search ranking which offers a good platform for the company to give a good visibility for the company. Every business will take advantage of the growing demand of social media which will make the site have traffic jam. However there are some measures that will be employed to reduce the traffic jam in the site hence making the search engine be ranked highly which in return will speed up the rate at which the contents will be shared among the customers, employees and other potential investors who are interested in the business product and services. According to research conducted it indicates that about 58% of the marketer in the economy learns about the company products and services through the social media platform. This makes it helpful for the company to sell its profile to the potential investors who will be interested with the company profile.

Literature Review

Research shows that Walmart has been in forefront of developing its presence in Facebook. Walmart Inc. retail Stores Company uses several strategies to develop its presence on the main Facebook page. One of the strategy used by Walmart Company is posting company product oriented status as well as pictures. The main strategy that the company uses is posting of pictures and tagging of the major customers as well as partners to facilitate sales of the company's products. According to David of the consultancy, most of the pictures posted on the Walmart's main Facebook page are product suggestions (Haigh, Brubaker, & Whiteside,2013). This means that to some extent Walmart uses the pictures on its main Facebook page to advertise its newly developed products. This is a reflection that Walmart Company is so keen to promote its products in order to increase its sales. This draws the researchers' attentions closer to the research topic and provides notion that the hypothesis of the research paper are likely to be accepted (Agarwal, Hosanagar, & Smith,2011).

Additionally a big business organization such as the Walmart retail shop is not likely to do without Facebook page. Walmart's main Facebook page plays a very important role in the development of the company. Experts in the social media industry suggests several reasons why a companion of the benefits of Facebook page to a business organization y like Walmart should have a main Facebook page as well as maintaining it to remain essential to the of the benefits of a main Facebook page to a business organization is that its increases the company's exposure to new potential customers. Study shows that majority of the b youths and adults below the age of 40 years spend most of their time on social media platforms and Facebook being one of them. It's easier for this market segment to access internet and interact with Facebook friends. Furthermore more most of the Facebook users like and join Facebook pages that attract them and share them on their timelines. This is added advantage to the Walmart company when it uploads pictures on its main Facebook page since new potential customers view products of the on the pictures on the Facebook page(Agarwal, Hosanagar, & Smith,2011).. Due to curiosity the Facebook users study the pictures as well as the posts that are associated with them .consequently they get attract and the desire to consume the products that they see hence becoming potential customers who will later look for the products from the Walmart stores. Therefore the main Facebook page of the Walmart Inc. retails has contributed to the expansion of the market segment of the company especially potential customers located outside United States of America.

According to the social media analysts it's very important for the Walmart Inc. Company to have a main Facebook of the reasons why Walmart Company established a main Facebook page is that is to gather more leads for the company. Gathering more leads refers to increasing communication networks with the potential customers to enhance communication even outside the main Facebook page. This leads are inform of the emails, phone contacts as well as the newsletters. The main Facebook page provides a platform where the company can display its email addresses and can ask for the followers email addresses through the Facebook page (Coursaris, Van Osch, & Balogh, 2013). When the Walmart company has published a new newsletter maybe it be monthly, or weekly the administrator of the Facebook page posts the pictures as well as the links of the of a result the company's networks with potential customers, suppliers and business organizations that would like to merge with the company grows outside the Facebook page.

However the Walmart Company should be very careful to avoid sharing too much details with the leads that the company has formed. Some of the leads that the Walmart Company acquires through the company's Facebook page are just fans and are not interested in purchasing the company's products or even making supplies or any form of business activities with the Walmart retail stores company (Tuten, & Solomon, 2014). This means if the communications department of the organization fails to ardently the fans it may end up wanting a lot of time and resources of the company. For instance the Walmart Company will have lost a lot of resources if it keeps emailing and sending newsletters on daily basis to the fans that they got a lead with them through the Facebook page. Walmart Company communicates to other leads through the phone calls and even visits to the company stores. For example a potential customer who advertiser maybe grocery commodities or the meals offered by Walmart will call the company through their phone number displayed on the Facebook page and make an this case the sales of the company have increased through the leads. However some leads that end up being realized through the Facebook were not the core purpose of the Walmart main Facebook being created.

According to the CMO Stephen Quinn of the Walmart Company in Facebooks marketing conference in the year 2012 technology had replaced the social and the local nature of the business organizations. This created a need for the Walmart stores company to create a main Facebook page among other pages (Harris, & Rae, 2009). The CMO and other marketing executives thought that establishment of the main Facebook was a good way of localizing Walmart business activities. Actually this group of individuals were right about the idea of localizing being facilitated by the Walmart Facebook page. Moreover the establishment of the Walmart main Facebook page was a way of making the Walmart Inc. retail stores company embracing e-commence .foe example after the establishment of the Walmart's main Facebook page in the year 2011. The company was able to make e-commerce sales that totaled to $61.8 billion during the last quarter of the year 2011. The large sales were realized because the potential customers felt there...

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