Essay Example on Uber: Transforming the Transportation Industry

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Date:  2022-12-27


Uber Technologies and other associate companies like Lyft, Sidecar, Flywheel and Fledging rivals that deal with transport today are the commonly used mode of transport in many modern cities across the world. Uber cars are rapidly replacing the traditional tax business due to its efficiency in the transport sector due to its development of a new smartphone application that customers use to find a nearby car to ride.

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The market has decided that Uber and its immediate competitors are adding efficiency to our society. How is Uber providing that added efficiency?

The Uber Company and its competitors find an existing gap in the modern cities in transport sector due to the high demand and supply of cars to fill the economic need as well as maximize the profits for the service provider and let the rider gain the value of the transport cost incurred. The service is efficient, as the rider gets in the nearby car via the app tracker, the app also shows the routes and electric bill the fees, it also enables interaction between driver and rider thus making the service more popular in the entire world. The Uber service has proven to be the best as it is faster, cheaper and most reliable in all corners of the world at a lower fee charge

Do you think the Uber model will work in the trucking industry?

Uber for truck is here, is known for transportation services, Uber has come up with a truck dispatch service well recognized as Uber Freight. This service can be booked in a week or on the very day as per client flexibility. In this service, the truck drivers have the freedom to negotiate with their respective clients on the cost bearing in mind the cargo type, location for deliveries, distance to be covered and others. When they go head is reached, the payment process begins, and the driver can receive the money in a week. The Uber Freight is different from the regular daily service; the driver feeds a series of load in his or her phone then have a choice on which type of booking rather than being automatically matched. Uber is working on a network that will help create a driverless truck company shortly to be able to control its network and make some profits from the business.

In what other areas/industries might the Uber model be used?

The Uber model of service is commonly used in varies industries. For example, Uber for cooking where the subscribers receive cooking recipes every week thus making profits from the products they sell to their clients at a relatively higher price. Uber for food delivery, Door dash service offer customers transport to their doorsteps when they order food from restaurants that don't have such services. Uber also get a little share from those venues for keeping their kitchen staff busy. Uber for logistics, this service successful make the company compete with another player in the market. It delivers cargos with vans, 5.5 tons trucks and Lorries. Uber for parking, it solves the problem of relocating for a free packing slot in cities. Being in partnership with significant packing providers, help fill the empty packing slots. Uber for housekeeping, this app allows individuals to create a list of what service they offer and at what price so that clients can have a choice on who to hire for the job. This is just but only a few Uber applications that are used in daily operations.

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