A Promotional Campaign for Poland in Chile

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Date:  2022-04-04

The Polish government is a democratic state, and it is ruled by law as well as safeguarding the freedom and rights of its citizens. Just like any other country, the Polish system of governance is based on the balance between legislative, executive and judiciary in which the three bodies work independently. Chile, on the other hand, seems to have a similar structure of governance to that of Poland and hence promoting Poland in Chile would be a perfect choice.

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Different mechanisms can be applied to promote Poland to higher levels. One of the tools involves choosing a specific target group. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs youths would seem to fit perfectly as the target group considering that only a limited budget has been kept aside for the activity. In every country, developing or already developed, the youths make the most of the population. Another advantage with the youths is that they are updated of the current trends especially in technology and thus using technology and internet to reach them would be easy and fruitful.

A national branding campaign for the youths will aim at improving the country`s image through activities that the youths engage. The best branding campaign for Poland thus would be, Poland, Simply Amazing. The national campaign will be perfected using agents whose role will be to provide useful information about Poland. For instance, rich information about the educational facilities and business opportunities that are available in Poland. The purpose and description of the campaign will also be provided.

Communication channels will involve the way information flows within the youths and other supporters. Since the promotion and branding is a national objective to try and improve its image by inviting tourists, then the communication should be formal and official and captivating. It means that the available channels for use can reach everyone with the message being passed well understood by everyone. The type of communication applied should be verbal which involves listening to a person, non-verbal which will include observing a person and infer meaning and lastly written communication which can consist of posters and print media. The Republic of Poland will focus on the development of promotional films that will market Poland in a way that will leave the people of Chile earnestly wishing to have a new experience. For the communication to be effective, there should be feedback from the part of the target group and other members which helps to determine if the information is working as intended.

In every branding campaign, a slogan is always useful since it serves as a memorable phrase that the target group will understand and recall. A slogan such as Poland, Simply Amazing, serves that purpose well and good. It makes people want to explore what makes Poland incredible compared to their mother country. Then we have the content specifically intended for the target group. The content will be one that will make the youths want to learn more about Poland, their political, social and economic structure as well as exchange programs to the school going youths to give them a chance to learn more in Poland.

The youths are always ready and outgoing to try out new things for fun and to make their lives worth living with them being guided by the mantra that there is only one life to live. Therefore, the perfect message for the youths in Chile would be, visit Poland for holidays, for education, for workshops and training to explore the fantastic experience.

An excellent promotional campaign for Poland in a foreign country such as Chile should be direct towards getting people visit Poland and explore how it is. A Polish in Chile, therefore, can use the above methods to make the Chileans develop the urge to want to go to Poland and discover what makes it famous. Notably, in the advertorial campaign, an understanding of the political and social structure of Chile will be focused to make the promotional activity a success through best reception.

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