A Personal Career Plan

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Date:  2022-04-04

As an upcoming scholar in the field of business, my inspiration is to build my efficiency as a leader and manager of a staff in a professional manner. Basing on the personal style inventory test, I see myself as an open-minded person with strong communication skills. I am also comfortable at taking charge since I also believe in leading by example. I also aspire to be seen as someone others want to work with or for by embracing the talents of my colleagues or employees. To achieve these aspirations, I believe I possess various qualities that can initiate the realization of my goals. No one can become an astronaut by accident and as such, success requires a person to outline a set of goals (Carroll, 2014). I have good research skills, and very strong written communications skills. As an upcoming manager, I also trust in my skills of organizing and implementing key events for my program area. Moreover, the ability to pay attention to details in the projects I manage is my strength.

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I have read several articles to equip me with the skills of doing an internship. All along after attaining my undergraduate degree, I have been thinking of where I want to start out my career. As I proceed with my studies in Masters in Business Administration, I wish to seek for an entry-level vacancy preferably at a Sports club or the hotel industry. I would prefer working in a company located in one of the main cities in the country. The love of established cities is due to the availability of more job opportunities. Working in a challenging environment would sharpen my intelligence, and I believe such environment is found in the cities. I wish to be attached to the marketing department in the company that I will work for. The internship will help me achieve several goals. This position will assist me to gather and apply the aspects that I learn in class. This will also be a chance for me to gain positive learning experience for myself and other people that I will work with. I intend to learn the skills I require to become the best competing manager in the business world in the near future.

During the internship, as an upcoming leader in the business sector, I will apply and participate in training opportunities to make me a more effective marketing professional by the end of my advanced education period. In business, nothing is close and as significant as the impact of mentors (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2014). I will, therefore, seek out for a mentor to check and support me to remain focused on my goals. Being one of the senior leaders in an organization has always been my vision. To promote the chances of rising to the top level of my career, I believe that the skills and knowledge that I acquire as I pursue my Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) is essential. Achieving this education qualification will assist me to become competitive since most management opportunities require an MBA. The qualification will also enable me to find opportunities to promote my position either within the institution I am working for or an external firm. Most companies only offer allowances to interns. These allowances cannot facilitate my higher education. Generosity is an important pillar for success since no one can claim to achieve his goals in isolation. Reaching out to people or institutions for help would facilitate the achievement of my career objectives. I shall apply for sponsorship as I proceed with my studies.

Upon the successful completion of Master's in Business Administration, I intend to find my way into a top management position in successful and promising companies. Earning an MBA would have increased my chances of earning new job positions. My passion to lead as a manager will be realized even further since the course will open new job opportunities for me. As a young boy in an elementary school working on a part-time basis in a sports club in my neighborhood, I could admire the lifestyle of the rich doctors and lawyers. As such, advancing my education in the management sector would increase my pay hence better living standards. As a marketing manager, skills in communication, teamwork, and leadership skills are essential. The MBA will sharpen my skills in these fields thereby improving my service delivery. To be successful, one needs a contact list of potential associates. According to Ferrazzi and Razz (2014), poverty, is not only a lack of financial capital; it is isolation from the type of individuals that could assist you succeed. One of my goals is to improve the career network which can be possible with attending higher learning institutions in business.

I look forward to working in a senior marketing management role after completing the business management course. There is enormous power in relationships since individuals who instinctively establish a strong network of relationships have always made successful businesses (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2005). As a marketing manager, I will have the opportunity to improve further my professional career network. I will broaden my network through business travels and business meetings. I will also have a chance to meet prominent managers and Chief executive Officers of competitive organizations. Through the interactions with these managers, I will learn and acquire new skills and knowledge essential to management. Many businesses have responded to the nearly infinite number of people who recognize they need to become better speakers (Ferrazzi & Raz, 2005). I will use my efficient communication skills to promote partnerships. These business travels will increase my contact list, as such, increase my employment opportunities. As a marketing manager, I will be responsible for several duties. I will implement online marketing to promote new links and trials such as email advertisement and use of social media. I will also work with sales teams to support plans and goals of the firm. The management role shall additionally, involve control over the staff to promote delivery of results on time.

My objective after working for a decade shall be to establish my own firm. While working in a senior position in the marketing department, I will initiate several actions to achieve this goal. I will pursue self-study and training to enhance my leadership skills. According to Albom (2009), success required an individual to create a phenomenon in business before we need it. Therefore, I will set up a meeting with business personnel whose work I admire to get knowledge and skills on private businesses. After working in senior management positions for a period of over 10 years, I shall endeavor to establish my own company. Since I joined high school, I had a vision and passion to manage my own firm. Skills and experience I would have acquired from senior management position would enhance the development of a company. To establish a personal enterprise, I will require skills in strategic management. Experience in developing, creating and analyzing marketing activities will promote the growth of the company. All these skills and knowledge shall be achieved by the firm I would have worked for over that period of ten years.


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