Visual Argument in Advertising Essay Example

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Many people believe that words are the best way to communicate information to readers. After much analysis, we discovered a better way to reach the audience. The use of images is it. A visual argument essay is more persuasive than a text. Visual arguments can be used in many different areas. Because of their effectiveness, they are very popular in advertising.

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What is a visual argument?

A visual argument is basically a supporting or rebuttal statement. The use of multiple images intensifies the impact on the audience. Pictures and other visual art can engage a wider audience. Images can also reflect cultural values and beliefs. Visual arguments are often more appealing than verbal arguments.

It takes a lot of research to understand the impact of images on conveying messages. Visual rhetoric is important. Everyone has a desire to see a movie or a cartoon. However, not everyone will notice when it happens after looking at a poster. Participating in charity events can also be possible with a brightly advertised picture. These experiences can be shared by the majority. These are just a few examples of the impact of visual rhetoric. Visual rhetoric can be used to achieve different results. They can infuse compassion, comic, tragic, and other effects.

Visual rhetoric is often used by marketing companies. Each company tries to create a compelling image by using appropriate supporting words. This can be a powerful way to promote a product or service. Visual argument ads are most effective at persuading customers to buy.

Visual Argument Example: Gatorade Ad

Gatorade's commercial for a drink for athletes is one of many powerful visual argument images. This advertisement highlights the superiority and benefits of Gatorade, as well as other beverages. Marketing specialists dream of a bright bottle image and a memorable slogan. This combination combines the three key elements of a visual add that are essential for a great visual: colors, supernatural power and shock appeal.

The perfect combination of colors was chosen by the visual ad's creators. The dominant colors of the poster are green and blue, which are usually considered natural. Nature is the most powerful thing. This is the hidden message behind this color combination. This color combination allows the advertiser to achieve its primary goal, which is the assuring success in the racing competition.

The advertisement is not only effective in its color combination but also reflects the supernatural power. The bright Gatorade beverage container is seen in the image winning the race tournament. It appears that the drink advertised is reaching the heavens. This makes the ad more appealing.

This rhetorical analysis helps us to see that the trick of placing Gatorade ahead of other beverages works exceptionally well. This convinces the audience that Gatorade gives drink-takers supernatural power. It motivates the audience to buy the beverage. The commercial compares athletes to Gatorade. It convinces them that they will perform well in the competition, just like Gatorade on the commercial.

The visual argument image uses other techniques, aside from colors and supernatural power. It uses shock appeal techniques, for example. This commercial shows a real-life race with a metaphoric participant--the Gatorade drink. The container is the only thing that can reach the heavens. This creates the illusion of the extremely strong nature of Gatorade. The audience is then shocked at Gatorade's extraordinary power and encouraged by the advertisement to purchase it. The visual argument images are more powerful when there is a shock appeal.


Visual arguments pictures are stronger than verbal ones. They are used extensively in the advertising sector and have a high level of effectiveness. Advertisers can use a variety of techniques to create persuasive ads that are well-crafted. They can rely on clever use of colors, demonstrations of supernatural power, or shock appeal to create persuasive advertisements. Visual effects are one of most effective tools to reach the audience. An ad is a simpler way to get them to buy a product.


What does art mean as a visual argument?

Some art pieces, like pictures, graphic images and photographs, can be classified as art. Visual arguments can be used to support your argument. The process of proving an idea's rightness becomes easier when the visual arts are used. Art can be a powerful tool to support the position of the writer.

Why is visual argumentation important?

Visual arguments can be used to support the argument, justify the view and prove the idea. Visual arguments are easier to understand than verbal ones. They are more engaging and have better attention-grabbing features. They are therefore essential due to their effectiveness.

How do you make a visual argument?

Choose an image that supports your position on the issue. From the chosen image, you can develop your ideas and convince the reader to accept your view. Your visual argument must be compelling and attractive to the audience.

What are some examples of visual argument topics?

The topic must be relevant to the audience to make it a successful visual argument. These are the most loved topics:

  • Social inequality
  • Racism;
  • Environmental pollution;
  • Trafficking in people;
  • Advertisement;
  • Influence of social media

You can use a banner, image, graph or other visual tool to help you brainstorm. Develop your argument using the visual tool.

How can you begin a visual argument essay?

A visual argument essay can be started by introducing the chosen image. It is important to give a brief description of the image and explain how it fits into your overall essay idea. You can also start your visual argument essay with a brief introduction to your topic.

What are the components and uses of visual rhetoric?

Images and illustrations are the main components of visual rhetoric. Next, there is color, font style and size. Finally, there's the object's shape. A text's arrangement also plays a part. Visual rhetoric is the tool that helps the author communicate the message effectively.

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