A Journey Through US History: Reconstruction, Gilded Age, & More - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-22


History of the United States has undergone tremendous steps through the economic, political and diplomatic aspects. American history is very vital to learning in the citizen's way of life since it depicts where the nation has come from and where it is heading. American history is divided into three vital stages that involve the reconstruction era, the gilded age, the progressive era, and the period of industrialization. The progressive era and the industrialization era give the most suitable lessons that give the Americans the basis for their daily reconstruction and working hard. The lessons learned from the United States history are on having an excellent stable economic system. Also, it helps in having sound political systems that have been influenced by development through judicial systems (Cook-Sather, & Des-Ogugua, 2019). The United States history has a reasonable basis for its significance to be relayed to the students for them to identify their essentiality in history as a subject. Historical events of the United States have given me a loyalty aspect through the sharing of collective aspirations and experiences of the past. The heart of expectations and experiences provides more credibility to the building of intense patriotism to the development of the state. History has made me today to be an intelligent voter since the sound decision I make today are based on the issues of the knowledge it happened in the past.

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Moreover, for the students, the history of the United States has guided me on daily life undertakings through making me be raised as a good neighbor. Becoming a good neighbor is based on aspects of tolerance of different appreciation and differences of people basing on varied interests and abilities. In life, I can cope with daily challenges since the study of history makes me durable and inspirable in understanding complicated matters in the community. Secondly, the incoming learners doing this subject on history should be aware of the basis that is vital in history class. They should be able to visit the libraries and read the books thoroughly on United States history for better comprehension to be developed (Cook-Sather, & Des-Ogugua, 2019). The learners should also do some research by asking their grandparents to have some basis for history to be well depicted when it comes to class time. The learners should be well conversant with the political history for easy comprehension of the subject. The history subject remains to give a stable society. It aids through the provision of apprehension on the patterns of the community. All students should well harness the intellectual and artistic productions of the past for better interaction in history class sessions.

Thirdly, the strategies that should be used for learners to find history class interesting is through prior reading, attending storytelling sessions, and development of questions that boost interaction. These strategies will entirely boost the eagerness and morale that a student will have to participate in class for better communications of the history subject. Fourthly, the advice that students should take for passing in this subject is through having better class interaction and interest in the subject for them to get greater marks. History remains to be learnt through social and political reading of different contexts and thus making the subject to be easily apprehended and thus passing and getting A's.


In summary, all the students should remain focused an interested in learning more in life for better advancements of the life to come. History of the United States as a subject gives great perspectives, views that aid in measuring the life of the nation. History remains to be a guide to all individuals on the memory, expressions and the guiding for sentiments made by any person.


Cook-Sather, A., & Des-Ogugua, C. (2019). Lessons we still need to learn on creating more inclusive and responsive classrooms: recommendations from one student-faculty partnership program. International Journal of Inclusive Education, 23(6), 594-608.

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