Essay Sample on Trump`s Afghan Strategy

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Date:  2022-11-25


President Trump`s Afghan strategy is likely to pave the way for success as compared to the previous administration of President Barack Obama. Trump`s Afghan strategy is one year old, and thus its difficult to evaluate is outcomes unlike for the previous administration but the laid down strategies, policies and core pillars of U.S government by President Trump is likely to win the war and mitigate terrorism in the country and also worldwide (Trump, 2017).

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The president`s strategy to cut off the entire help to Pakistan will make Trump`s Afghan strategy plan to be successful as compared to previous administrations. The Pentagon which was introduced by President Trump in his Afghan strategy to curb down Afghanistan terrorist group which have continually threaten American and the government of Afghanistan has aided greatly towards the success of his strategy since the Pentagon has frozen help to Islamabad under the coalition aid fund, which gives payments to Pakistan for helping the counter-terrorism operations (Trump, 2017).

The changes that president Trump made on the Afghan strategy plan of the previous administration are likely to bring success and mitigate the terrorist groups who threaten America. The key essential amendments that Trump announced was his commitment and sacrifice that U.S military forces in Afghanistan would be provided with the relevant, superior and necessary tools and rules and regulation of engagement to ensure that this Afghan Strategy work, executed effectively and operated quickly. The previous administration denied the secretary of defense and military commanders in the field from totally and swiftly waging war against the enemies but President Trump in his Afghan Strategy plan has already lifted restrictions thus his plans are likely to be successful in fighting against the enemies (Trump, 2017). Also, in Trump`s strategy, U.S military commanders are allowed to strike the Taliban when they posed a threat or attack to U.S forces thus this will mitigate the terrorist acts.

The Trump`s Afghan Strategy plan is different from the previous administration in the perspective level of accountability and transparency and a shifting of control to the Pentagon which is different from the White House that previous administration by President Barack Obama. The policies in Trump`s Afghan strategy plan seems to be similar to the one used by the previous administration. Donald Trump introduces only a few different policies. Finally, Trump comes up with some strategic evaluation that the military forces and the U.S government should take to reduce the threat they face from the Taliban, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda. The strategies that Trump laid down include the adoption of a condition based approach for withdrawal. He said that he would no longer announce arranged U.S withdrawals or troop increases, but it will be dictated by the circumstance in the ground upon military decisions (Trump, 2017). Secondly, he has deferred the majority of deciding responsibility to the Pentagon and the military commanders on the ground and finally the integration of the entire instruments of American power, economic, diplomatic and military forces are to work effectively to realize successful outcomes.


Trump, D. (2017). Remarks by President Trump on the Strategy in Afghanistan and South Asia. Speech, Fort Myer, VA, 21.

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