A Dissertation Methodology on the Effectiveness and Challenges of Child Protection in the U.K. Primary Schools

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Date:  2022-03-29


Protecting children from the acts of violence, abuse, neglect, discrimination and exploitation in the U.K primary schools has been one of the political agendas of the U.K government and the international bodies. Neglects and other forms of child abuse are said to be caused by parenting problems like domestic violence, poverty, unwanted pregnancies, unemployment, mental issues, drug use and single parenting (Bamford 2015). If not protected, the children will develop various complications in life such as social and health problems. According to Munro (2010), it is the responsibility of the social workers to protect the children through designing protection programs in the schools. These programs will improve the psychological, physical and social progress of the child. In brief, the significance of protecting child challenges is that it promotes the well-being of the children, and eliminates any form of suffering, torture, and harm through the implementation of protective programs. However, there are challenges related to child protection in the U.K primary schools. For instance, according to Munro (2010), the implementation of protection programs has been characterized by limited financial resources, cultural subscriptions, war and poverty. Therefore, this dissertation methodology will explain the reasons for child protection, the prevalent cases of child abuse, the measures put in place to ensure child protection, the effectiveness of Eillen Munroe's recommendation on child protection and the present challenges being experienced in implementing this program.

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Research Questions

  • What are the reasons behind ensuring child protection in UK primary schools?
  • Are there prevalent cases of child abuse in UK primary schools?
  • What efforts have made in recent times implementing child protection in UK primary schools?
  • How effective have Eileen Munroe's recommendations been implemented?
  • What are the present challenges being experienced?


The study used sampling method where the researchers surveyed the parents and children of the U.K primary schools through a random probability sample. Besides, the researchers conducted both family and school interviews and administered questionnaires to the respondents. In this case, the target population was primary school children. The response rate attained was about 65%, and questionnaires were completed by 80 parents and teachers of U.K primary schools. Besides, an interview was conducted with 100 children assumed to have benefited from protection programs. To obtain reliable results, the children, the parents and the teachers of the U.K primary schools were asked about neglect and other forms of child abuse. The main reason for involving the parents and teachers in this study is that their views are satisfactory, convincing and consistent compared to those of the children. The study also developed standardized approaches to evaluate the frequency of maltreatment as well as its effects on the kids.

Rationale for the Study

As stated, this study focuses on the effectiveness and challenges of protecting the U.K primary school children. According to the recent research, evidence has shown that many U.K primary school children have faced various forms of abuse such as neglect. Unfortunately, this situation mostly comes from the immediate family of the child who should be at the forefront of caring for him or her. According to Gilbert, Parton, and Skivenes (2010), various family reasons have led to child abuse and mistreatment. They include family breakups, mental illness of the parents, domestic violence, and substance use among others. Apart from social, emotional and psychological effects, Munro (2010) argues that neglect and abuse of a child due to above-mentioned reasons may also result in school dropouts, unwanted pregnancies, and drug abuse. Due to these consequences, the social workers and other children protection organizations in U.K have implemented protection programs to boost the health and the well-being of the children. As such, this study will evaluate the effectiveness and challenges of child protection in the U.K.

Justification of the Proposed Topic

The failure to protect the children from violence, abuse, neglect, and discrimination has resulted in the worldwide crisis where many children across the globe experience violence, sexual harassment, and are engaged in hard labour. Munro (2010) has regarded this act as a violation of the rights of children which should not be tolerated. Instead, it should be addressed immediately for the well-being of the children. Due to the suffering of children, the social workers have put more effort to rescue them from harm by establishing a child protection system. A child protection program is essential because it promotes the well-being of the individual. Through this system, the child can be free from suffering. The program also equips the victims with the knowledge to defend themselves against any abuse. Proper child care and protection also help the kid to achieve his or her education and career objectives. Munro (2010) outlines that many children who have undergone maltreatment have dropped out school, engaged in drug abuse or have faced early marriages. These experiences have thwarted their objectives in life. Coming to their rescue through protection program helps them fulfil their goals in life. Therefore, Munro (2010) summarizes the importance of child protection in U.K primary school in three main points. First, it protects the rights of the children. Second, it helps in the survival of the children by giving them access to quality health and eliminating any form of suffering. Third, it paves the way for the children to meet their dreams by realizing their full potential.

Although child protection system is seen to impact positively on the lives of the U.K primary school children, various challenges occur towards implementing the program. Munro (2010) argues that execution of these programs has been hindered by insufficient capital, cultural subscriptions, poverty and war, and porous regulations. A primary barrier lies in enforcing the provisions of the current laws and the aim of the policies that are concerned with the rights of children. The presence of the protection programs is the basis for protecting the children. For the programs to be valuable there have to be provisions that support their implementation. Bamford (2015) has recommended this argument after researching challenges of child protection. According to him, factors such as poverty and education levels, cultural views as well as local policies may limit the efforts of some U.K agencies to implement the child protection programs in primary schools.

Literature(s) and Search Engines Used in the Study

The study will employ the literature below:

  • A contemporary history of social work: Learning from the past.
  • The Munro review on child protection: Part 1 A Systems Analysis

The research will also use the research engines such as:

  • Google
  • Internet Archive
  • londoncp.co.uk
  • nspcc.org.uk
  • nhs.co.uk
  • who.int
  • londonmet.ac.uk

The key words for the study include: well-being, Munroe recommendations, child protection, and porous regulations.

Area of Need in the Dissertation

The areas that I may need help in this dissertation include the rationale for the study and that of the literature review.


Activity Date Duration
Accessing the literature 01/03/2018 1 hour
Researching the literature 01/03/2018 2 hours
Deciding upon a title 01/03/2018 1 hour
Writing the first draft 02/03/2018 10 hours
Writing the second draft 03/03/2018 8 hours 30 minutes
Writing the third draft 04/03/2018 7 hours
Proofreading 04/03/2018 1 hour 30 minutes


Overall, the child protection system is vital in many ways. It protects the rights of the children; it promotes their well-being, it eliminates any form of suffering and helps children to realize their dreams. However, the social workers and child protection organizations have experienced numerous challenges in implementing the program. They include financial constraints, poverty, and education levels, cultural views as well as local policies. Munroe's recommendations have also helped in the identification of the effectiveness and challenges of child protection in the U.K primary schools. In conclusion, the study has determined that most children in the U.K primary schools have experienced various forms of abuse with the core being neglected. Finding the immediate solution to this issue is the best move to save the lives of the children.


Munro, E. (2010). The Munro review on child protection: Part 1 a Systems Analysis. London: Department of Education.

Bamford, T. (2015). A contemporary history of social work: Learning from the past. Policy Press

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