A Business Plan for a Breakfast Restaurant Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-01


The Mademoiselle Baguette will be a breakfast restaurant located in Stuttgart, Germany. The restaurant will place more focus on quality service delivery which includes delivery of fresh organic meals and ingredients to our clients. Our typical menu will include breakfast buffet, vegan breakfast, and late riser breakfast. The restaurant will, therefore, provide an energy-packed, varied breakfast, a variety of vegan products and notably avocado bread, fruit plates, pancakes omelets and many more.

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The breakfast restaurant will be owned and managed by two partners' John and Betty. The restaurant will be located at Stuttgart, a location that we strongly believe is not fully exploited and has a great potential for investors who can work towards meeting the client's tastes, preferences, and the required standards. The kitchen and other sectors will be equipped with modern equipment for fast and efficient quality services. The decor will be suitably assembled from quality wood accented furniture and checked tablecloths. The restaurant is projected to attract over 1500 clients per week and make average revenues worth $ 1million during its initial year of operations. The sales will then be expected to grow at an average rate of 5% per annum.

The financing plan provides adequate capital for the smooth running of business operations for the whole of the first year of operations. The sources of funds include an 80% owner's capital and 20% debts from friends and relatives. The funds are expected to make it possible for the restaurant to provide value driven and entertaining products and services to the clients. Successful operations within the first year will provide a great foundation for performance for the next five years period.

The business objectives

The major objectives will include the provision of quality breakfast meals at reasonable prices and exemplary services. The restaurant will work towards being a premier home-style restaurant in Stuttgart, Germany. The management will work hard to ensure increased revenue levels while at the same time maintaining the lowest possible overhead costs and expenses. If the set objectives are reached, the restaurant will manage to build high market visibility through brand building. The company will also set aside a considerable portion of resources to undertake advertisement activities to ensure that the company achieves its objectives.

Target market

Our target clients will include the early morning workers and people in the business. The restaurant will, therefore, have to open very early. The group of early workers includes professional managers, factory employees, laborers, and other workers. Residents will also form an important portion of clients. Stuttgart is a city occupied with people from diverse regions, and as such, our menu will include diverse meals to attract the available tourists and local visitors.

Market analysis

The owners and management strongly believe that the environment provided by the Mademoiselle Baguette breakfast restaurant will be desirable to attract our target clients. The location is selected to ensure that the restaurant is easily accessible to clients. The restaurants and food service industry are currently facing some issues that include increased competition, rising operation costs and changes in consumer needs. The growing popularity of vegan breakfast and organic meals is expected to be the concept behind the success of the restaurant. The current market needs include a variety and flavor in breakfasts, speedy services, and a clean, healthy environment.

Sales and marketing strategies

The restaurant understands that the objectives and sales targets will be achieved by doing more than to provide quality products and services. The restaurant will, therefore, design a marketing plan with an objective of increasing the customer's traffic through proactive measures. The sales and marketing strategies will include positioning, pricing and promotion and advertisement strategies. The positioning strategy will ensure that the restaurant provides a warm, relaxed and comfortable setting. The restaurant will hence provide different menu options.

The pricing strategy will work through providing reasonably competitive prices for products and services. The restaurant will be in a good position to negotiate for the best terms with suppliers, and this will reduce the costs of inputs. The restaurant will also have to observe the prime cost reports which will help to control the operating costs and hence the prices and profitability. The promotion and advertising strategies will include event marketing in which the restaurant will join a local commerce chamber and utilize the services of the available network for the grand opening. The marketing department will also utilize the bulk mail technique to reach directly to potential clients. The promotion activities will include word of mouth to introduce the potential customers to the restaurant's menu products and services. The restaurant will have to design a unique website where all the necessary information will be accessible to clients and other interested parties. Another marketing program will include notification to new potential clients about loyalty, sports and birthday clubs where special menu items are provided for such activities. The sales strategy will be based on the emphasis on the customer services as an important tool for maintaining new clients. The restaurant will provide a wonderful customer service experience. The restaurant will have to regularly train its employees to assist them to develop the appropriate attitudes and perceptions to serve both the satisfied and disgruntled clients. The customer service department will conduct periodic meetings to discuss and address all the issues related to customer services.

General organization and management

The restaurant is expected to hire at least 25 workers in different departments. The management has designed an appropriate effective interviewing process that will ensure that highly qualified employees get the best positions. Each employee will be assessed and rated according to pre-defined industry's standards for every position. The management team will comprise of degree holders with previous vast knowledge and experience in a similar field. The restaurant will have to hire the sales director, kitchen manager and a general manager to assist owners in running of daily operations. A popular restaurant management system will be installed to assist in the coordination of professional duties, inventory management, sales and other accounting duties. The installation of the hotel computer system will define the sales process right from the ordering stage and is expected to assist in formulating the appropriate internal controls.

The SWOT analysis


  • Prime location
  • Exceptional management and staff
  • An already established market


  • Quality Employees recruitment and retention
  • Ability to maintain tight profit margins due to emerging competitors


  • Catering services requirements by surrounding members of the community
  • Little barriers to entry will allow easier expansion opportunities


  • Reported rising costs by current restaurants
  • Government's political and mandatory requirements
  • Maintenance of sales levels over long periods of time

The financial plan

The financial plan section is designed to address issues related to the required start-up costs, profit, and loss, statement of financial position issues and other financial projections. The start-up expenses mainly consist of working capital and costs related to compulsory permits and lease deposits. Other start-up expenses include pre-opening expenditure and building improvement expenditures. The startup assets include the restaurant's furniture and fittings and kitchen equipment. The assets include items such as commercial dishwasher with sink tables, stainless steel cold stations and liquid fire protection systems. The cost of such items is provided with an objective of acquiring quality equipment and assets to achieve the quality goals. The owners who are also partners provided capital equally, and the profits sharing methods are guided by the legislation relating to partnership forms of business. The capital requirements obtained from friend and relatives will be repaid at considerably lower interest rates as compared to financial institutions. The funds borrowed are hence cheap and no bureaucracies involved...

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