Carol's Leadership Traits Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-15

Power and leadership are closely related since power propels leaders in a right direction. By exerting power, leaders can direct employees towards the company's growth and expansion. While most leaders across the globe do experience many challenges, their abilities to use their skills and intelligence to handle such problems make them successful in their managerial and leadership roles. This paper responds to questions raised in the case study by describing how situations presented by case study relates to events depicted in course material.

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Intelligence is a leadership trait that contributed to Carol's success. Northouse (2004) asserted that leaders have other intelligence than non-leaders. Carol demonstrated this fact by critically and comprehensively analyzing every company that wanted to purchase the office supplies. Her ability to perform market analysis and introduce potential products enabled her to set realistic goals for the organization. Self-confidence is another leadership trait that Carol possessed. Principally, leadership entails influencing others and confidence allows leaders to believe in their efforts of changing others rightly and appropriately. Carol refused to sell her husband's firm and focussed on establishing Baines visions and promoting competitive advantage of the business despite her health condition. Integrity is another leadership trait that Carol possessed and contributed towards her success. Radically, Carol increased the intensity at which she was advertising the company's products because of her clear vision that led to increased growth and expansion thus growing sales volume even further.

Carol's leadership traits played a critical role in the growth and expansion of the company. In particular, her ability to manage workers confidently, intelligently, and with a high level of integrity was highly cherished by every employee. Using her intelligence, Carol refused to sell the company and instead conducted marked analysis to determine specific areas that the business can potentially improve on and grow. Carol's self-confidence was evident when she decided to oversee the daily operations of the company despite being diagnosed with cancer. Moreover, her integrity was portrayed when she allocated much money and budget planning on marketing the products, a process that resulted in the significant rapid growth of the company.


Undoubtedly, Carol would be an active leader in numerous business scenarios. Her academic qualifications in business management would assist her to succeed in any business management field. Moreover, she is confident and intelligent, traits that helped her to solve problems and challenges she faced while managing the company. Carol can use these leadership qualities to become a successful leader by turning around performances of any company or business. More importantly, she loved her work, positively treated workers who relied on her as she successfully runs the business despite suffering from a deadly disease. From these statements, it cannot be doubted that Carol has the leadership skills and traits to lead any business towards growth and success.


Northouse, P. G. (2004). Leadership: Theory and practice (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage

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