How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

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When you are a university student, you are likely to accomplish writing assignments often. Even if you are quite experienced in crafting well-structured reports, essays, and similar types of academic papers, you are never ready for a challenging thesis project. This is one of the most overwhelming tasks students may get, as it requires not only a high level of writing skills, knowledge of the area, and diligence, but also time for its completion. Additionally, it is indispensable to mention that there is hardly any learner who knows how to write a PhD thesis and is eager to fulfill the task.

Instead, the overwhelming majority of students are afraid of the assignment, mainly due to its length and complexity. Besides, an unlimited number of requirements and demands that should be met make the project even more difficult. However, the struggle is real, as you will just need some time, desire, and willingness to craft an impeccable paper worth appreciation.

Generally, a thesis for a research paper is a one or two-sentence claim that should be cogent, concise, and meaningful. The fundamental idea of this part of the essay is to summarize the content of the essay and present basic concepts specified in the study. It is inevitable to mention that an excellent thesis is not about the topic presentation only, but rather a combination of the actual statement, results of the observation, individual perspective, and the answer to the major question of the whole work.

To cut a long story short, a thesis statement is a sentence that offers an insight into the main topic of the essay. There are three points the thesis will enlighten:

  1. The basic idea of the script and the prime concept to be discussed.
  2. The goal of the research.
  3. The writer’s point of view on the issue.

What Is a Thesis in a Research Paper: Types and Specifications of the Statement

What is the first step a college student should make, striving to craft an impeccable composition worth the highest grade? There is no need to deny that you will not start creating a strong and influential thesis of a research paper. Instead, the student should come up with an interesting topic of the essay, analyze the field and gain as much information on the question as possible. Have you done with these stages? Finally, you can proceed to the next part, formulating a thesis statement.

In most instances, a strong thesis is one, maximum of two sentences that declare the problem to be discussed, the main idea of the research, and the purpose of the essay. Additionally, it is critical to emphasize that after reading a thesis statement, the audience gets a clear understanding of the author’s perspective on the topic.

Does a research paper need a thesis? The position of the thesis statement in the text may vary, depending on the author’s style, but it is undeniably a part of the introductory paragraph. In the overwhelming majority of college research papers, it is the last sentence of the introduction.

Another significant point a student should take into account is the form of the thesis, which may vary, depending on the writer’s objectives. Here are three basic types one should be aware of:

  1. Argumentative. The purpose of this thesis statement is to convince the readers of a specific point. The writer’s attitude towards the question should mandatorily be included in this sentence.
  2. Analytical. If the research paper or an essay is aimed at analysis, assessment, or the interpretation of a particular problem, an analytical thesis statement is exactly what should be included. It emphasizes the basic points of the analysis, pointing out the conclusions.
  3. Expository. This is another type of thesis statement, the primary idea of which is to present the topic in as much detail as possible.

How to Create a Thesis for a Research Paper Which Is Strong and Relevant

Are you looking for detailed instructions on making a thesis for a research paper meaningful and credible? Your struggle is not over, as there are a few other factors that may either advance your research paper to an exceptionally new level or completely decrease its educational value:

  • Length. An excellent thesis statement is short and easy to read. There is no need to use many words that have completely no semantic charge. Instead, focus on the concise sentences that state the basic information.
  • Simplicity. At this point, it is critical to be creative and flexible, avoiding dull phrases, as well as extended, complex sentences. The thesis statement should be easily readable and perceptible.
  • Coherence. A thesis statement is a single sentence that incorporates a plethora of ideas. The predominant task of the writer is to learn how to write a good thesis for a research paper and compile a corresponding one.

Writing a Coherent Thesis Statement in Six Steps

Writing a thesis for a research paper is one of the most important tasks for college students, as this part of the academic writing introduces the topic and gives an idea of the whole work. College students, who have never worked on this part of the essay before, should pay attention to the beneficial tips on forming a thesis statement. Start with the topic and proceed to the factual statement without a shadow of a doubt. Follow guidelines and relish your chance to prosper.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement - Step 1: Think about Your Topic

Read the paper writing assignment you get from your teacher. Make sure you understand what you are supposed to do: what kind of research you need to do, what questions your thesis statement should answer, and what goal the paper should reach. Imagine that Pets in our life is a topic you are to cover in your essay. Here is your starting point for developing a good thesis statement.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement - Step 2: Develop Your Working Thesis

Try to use a freewriting technique to work out a skeleton of your future thesis. Just write down all the ideas that come to your head when you think about the topic. Let's say one of your ideas is the following: A lot of people like dogs. That's a good start, but it will be transformed further to become a really strong thesis statement.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Essay - Step 3: Be Specific

Now, try to make your working thesis more concrete. It is easy to do if you put questions to it. For example: Who likes dogs? Why do people like dogs? And we will get: Active people like dogs because they are good companions. Nice try. But the thesis still has its flaws. It does not have your opinion on the topic. Your readers still can be puzzled with a question: So what? Let's move on.

How to Write a Proper Thesis Statement - Step 4: Be Debatable

A good thesis statement is an arguable point of view. Somebody will not agree with you, and it is good. What is more, it is what you need. Let's revise our idea: Active people prefer having dogs to cats because they are good companions. It is better but still not excellent. Keep working.

How to Write a Good Thesis Statement for an Essay - Step 5: Set a Direction

A thesis statement guides your reader through the paper. It should become a mini-outline of the whole essay. Give hints to the arguments you will discuss further in the work. Let’s try again: Active people prefer having dogs to cats because they are good companions, keep their owners healthy, and show devotion.

How to Write a Thesis Statement - Step 6: Choose Powerful Words

Look at your thesis statement carefully: what can you refine? There are no limits to perfection, so let's replace some words with more effective synonyms:

Active people prefer having dogs to cats because they are great companions, keep their owners healthy, and show amazing devotion.

Now your thesis statement is finally ready! It includes the topic of your assignment and your opinion. It is specific, debatable, provides readers with an understanding of where your paper leads, and it is composed of powerful words.

Top 3 Elements of the Research Paper Thesis

Following the above-mentioned stages of work on the thesis statement for a research paper, an experienced writer can single out three basic parts of the passage, including:

Restricted Subject

Ensure the topic you have selected meets the requirements of the educational program and the professor's demands. Ask extra questions if you are unsure about some aspects of the problem.

Accurate Viewpoint

Stay precise and concise, providing readers with an idea of your perspective.

Abundant Reasons

How many paragraphs does your research contain? Mention the same number of reasons in the introductory paragraph so that the readers have an understandable idea of the composition content.

Extra Tips on How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

It has never been easy to work on academic writing, especially on some of its types and forms. Nonetheless, the struggle is real.

  • Analyze the field of study. If you want to make your report meaningful and valid, you should make a maximum effort to comprehend the topic. Investigate the subject to clarify all the vague moments and get a thorough understanding of the problem. Talk to your professor if you still have any questions considering the theme of the research or the process of its creation.
  • Find credible sources of topical information. With the rapid development of technology, college students have a unique chance to access the necessary data without leaving the comfort of home. Surf the web to access the online libraries, view scientific journals and periodicals that will enlarge your vision and give a better understanding of the subject under discussion. As soon as you investigate various aspects of the problem, you are ready to proceed to the next stage.
  • Investigate the theme and opt for a personal perspective. At this point, the main task of the student is to analyze facts and data gained from the valid resources, compare different viewpoints, and take a certain stand. Are you ready to discuss the issue with the opponents? Compile a list of proofs that will not only prove you to be right but will also help you craft an impeccable, convincing, and an influential thesis statement.
  • Follow common rules of academic writing. Although a research paper is a subtype of academic writing, there is barely any instructor who will give this assignment without profound instructions. In the vast majority of instances, college students working on similar papers have already had experience dealing with academic writing tasks. Consequently, they are aware of the essay writing process, which starts with the body paragraph and proceeds with the introduction and conclusion.
  • Enjoy a flawless text with a coherent thesis. Only deep, profound, and sophisticated research may result in a relevant thesis. Therefore, the writer should focus on the primary part of the paper, acknowledging different aspects of the problem and gaining a chance to make a specific stand.

Writing a Thesis Statement: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

In general, you are ready to create an excellent thesis statement that will contribute to the relevance of your paper. However, apart from the main elements that should be included in the passage, it is indispensable to remember the points that should be avoided. Check out several guidelines on how to write a statement for a thesis, which will be flawless and worth attention:

  • Avoid too many details.
  • Eliminate the excessive use of technical language.
  • Do not forget to follow a coherent structure.

Look For the Thesis Statement Examples for Inspiration

An important note: does the assignment look too complicated? Browse the web and find several samples that will clarify the basics and guide you through the writing process.

Talk to your friends and fellow students to get the motivation you need. Additionally, it is indispensable to mention an opportunity to simplify the task and get the meaningful part of the text generated without your participation. Surf the web looking for reputable online services and obtain a chance to succeed effortlessly.