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Date:  2022-05-17

WordPress is the most popular online platform that creates free websites for businesses, individual and bloggers. People can freely start a blog and develop websites in seconds without encountering any technical problems. Our mission is to keep your browsing sites free by offering you an opportunity to create free websites and blogs and provide upgrades for items like plans and custom domains. We are also on the mission to provide anti-spam software Akismet, not forgetting the VIP hosting partnerships with other media companies.

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According to Hedengren, (2012), the consumers praise the company as an excellent service provider with significant experience. The corporate culture of the company has proved to people that creativity can thrive online. The reason behind this is because we release new features and updates. Automatic Inc runs our company which makes it 100% distributed. It means that every individual who works for our company works remotely from home or anywhere in the world wherever they wish. It has promoted corporate transparency and corporate culture. The company has therefore created over 190 employees, and its impact is evident in over 141 countries. It also operates in over 28 countries and has a valuation of $1billion. These have been achieved yet the company has no office to run the business. The advantage of this is that the saving of office space costs.

Kim (2010) identifies the media trends for WordPress. In line with our most significant improvements and outstanding new features, WordPress has ensured the continued growth of WooCommerce (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, & Brennan, 2015). The plans are to make the company more usable in the coming years by coming up with new ideas that relate to everyday administrative and development tasks. Its media trends, therefore, involves coming up with new and small ways to build tools that enable customers to do the things they would want to do. The company plans to capitalize on E-commerce and JavaScript to impact the users of WordPress in the coming years. Significant trends are Gutenberg-which brings new features and changes to the current admin, page builders, Duotone designs, and Cinemagraph.

The public perception of WordPress is that creating a website on the sit is easy and cheap. It is easy for cheap products to dominate. Many people would, therefore, prefer using WordPress for their sites, make sites on their own with customized themes that attract the user. Clients also praise WordPress all over the world to be the most user-friendly online publishing software. It has dramatically helped online bloggers, people who own small companies, sales agents and also companies that are medium sized. However, there are cases of users feeling entitled on matters relating to free plug-in and theme features.

Customers get access to the products of WordPress through our website. Kean (2013) gives an outline of the tools available on WordPress. The site contains self-designed tools. These self-design tools include how to create a site, how to install plug-ins, how to choose website themes, how to customize the themes and many more. These are merely designed to enable the client do them on their own without any form of external help. WordPress also has a tutorial that assists the client to perform these tasks whenever there is any form of difficulty.


In conclusion, the reviews from Better Business Bureau website pinpoints some negative reviews that WordPress needs to improve on. These reviews need to be treated positively to improve the future performance of the company. For instance, there is need to improve customer service. The complaints suggest that the live chat takes too long to respond or does not thoroughly respond to the clients. There are cases of customers complaining of texts not synchronizing with graphics. Other clients complain of site navigation, illegal payments, and poor customer support. From this feedback, we get the customers' pain point. It helps us identify the sections and departments that require improvements.


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