Why People Behave the Way They Do? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-03


Human beings behave differently, and this is attributed to their respective environmental and social factors. In every society the elite especially those in leadership position play a significant role when it comes to the behaviors of people based on their leadership characteristics. According to Singh (2016), a leader's lack of knowledge on how he can influence his followers can result in their motivation going down. The behavior of individuals is dependent on many factors, and others cannot be explained however their behavior is mostly shaped by their personality holes, core values, genetics, and their cultural practices.

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Personality holes

Our experiences as we grow up are different, and childhood experiences seem to be very influential when it comes to a person behavior. The difference in the manner in which they were brought up can shape their definition of compassion, love and care for other people. According to Clawson (2001) individuals who get neglected and not shown love during their childhood create an image of how cruel the world is and thus create a gap in their expected behavior. Personality holes in any individuals can lead to someone being withdrawn, and some may find it extremely difficult to associate with others.

People with bad childhood experiences have emotional problems, and this can be seen in their poor personal behaviors as they struggle to fit into their respective social environment. This struggle for attention and love shows how personality holes can influence a person's actions.


Another important that influences are our individual's genetics. A person inherits a particular behavioral characteristic from their parents such as socialization techniques, emotional aspect, and other biochemical elements. Every individual possesses specific trait passed down to them from different generations. DNA characteristics influence a person behaviors and this cannot in any way be challenged by the environment or any other social factors. This explains why individuals share certain habits similar to those of their parents.

In assessing individuals, it is essential that I take into consideration their respective backgrounds. This will enable me to find valid reasons that explain their difference in behavior and thus eliminate other environmental and social factors. An example is how individuals born in a family with a history of violence and drug abuse are bound to have socialization issues. Basing on this facts, I can be able to make a sound judgment as to what makes their offspring behave in a certain way. This information is crucial to me as well as the people within my immediate social circles as I will be able to explain to them why they may possess certain behaviors. As an individual also I can guide parents on how they can do so that they influence their children positively by laying a good foundation.

Solidifying practices and core values

When it comes to cultural behavior practices and the values, they uphold play a very significant role in a person's behavior as they approach adulthood. An example is an individual who lived in an era economic challenges will find it hard to spend money on expensive due to their past experiences that have shaped their behaviors to save money. Another example is how people who have experienced terrorism intend to be more vigilant as compared to individuals who live in peaceful nations. Such events have led to a culture that encourages people to be alert at all times, and thus they cannot live without taking any form of precaution.

Every individual thus is influenced by their respective culture and for that reason have development of different behaviors that promotes certain beliefs and value (Vognar, 2018). Information of this is beneficial as it can guide someone dealing people from diverse cultures. A teacher, for instance, might be teaching students from different cultures with different beliefs and values. Having this kind of knowledge will instrumental in enabling him/her learn on how to deal with the different behaviors they exhibit.

Values, assumption beliefs and expectations

In life, every individual possesses specific values assumption beliefs and hope that shapes the way they behave when handling people or any other role assigned. Human resource managers, for instance, do not share the same views as some maybe authoritarian while other allow their employees to work under minimal supervision. Despite these differences, individuals must learn not to impose their values on other people as this might not be taken well by other people with different values and belief. This is because not everyone shares the same kinds of ideas like other people. Also, individuals for example who value honesty will at all costs avoid taking bribes because they value integrity based on their beliefs. In this case, values guided a person to make the right choices and avoid engaging in unethical practices (Sudarsana, 2017).


These ideas and beliefs that get passed down to different generations by their respective societies. Memes are very influential in shaping a person's behavior and thus can affect the way they associate, identify strategies and ability to distinguish. An example is how developed nations provide aid to developing countries to assist them in problems such as health and food shortages.


Behavior according to the essay is shaped by the above different factors and as a result, help us understand different people in society. Based on this discussion it is evident that how we associate with other people can be explained and for that reason, we must avoid making unnecessary judgments on the behaviors of people. Also, the world is filled with diverse cultures with different kinds of beliefs a phenomenon that plays a huge roll in influencing how people behave. Our interaction thus explains why we should always know what causes a certain kind of behavior before making any decisions about such people.


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