Why Orca Whales Should Not Live in Captivity Essay

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Date:  2021-04-16


After the film Blackfish was released in 2012, many individuals have been enlightened to the truth of what is happening off camera at SeaWorld, including their trainers to the life situations of these orca whales. The movie Blackfish portrays a narrative that penetrates deep inside the inconceivable and unscrupulous treatment in the SeaWorld of these whales. Because of the widely praised arrival of the film, presently there are more individuals concerned about the savagery of rearing such a large creature in a confined region, and the wellbeing of managing the trainers. With the appropriate learning of these orca whales, humankind overall can help in keeping orca whales out of SeaWorld's captivity. The Orca whales are amazingly expensive and perceptive creatures who ought not to be taken and held since these creatures are so huge and make it staggeringly perilous to have coaches to use them for entertainment dramas. SeaWorld jeopardizes the orca whales by keeping them in tanks and also imperils the trainers who are substantially associated with the orca whales.

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Captive Orca Whales: Are Whales Family Oriented?

People started catching whales for entertainment purposes in the 1960's. The World Orca Trade indicates that the dominant part of the whales captured originated from two spots, Iceland and the British. Orca whales possess an extraordinary feeling of family and community, and for hunting purposes, this has made it very simple for the hunters to grab them. Once they caught an orca whale, all the other whales would stay nearby for support, therefore making it easy to find them. SeaWorld got around 36 orca whales caught which are to the developing parks. Indeed, even when the restriction on catching orca whales was established, SeaWorld went ahead and discovered more regions to find the orca whales for entertainment purposes in their parks. It is a fact that, "Once a calf is naturally introduced to an occupant unit, they stay in that case for whatever rest of their lives, often one next to the other with the mother and kin." The orca whales are included in firmly knit pods and are isolated from the family, which is proof that the intention of the SeaWorld was never great from the starting point.

Captive Whale in Small Tank

Orca whales, which were caught and conveyed to their new home in SeaWorld parks, transitioned from swimming daily to being placed in tanks, which are too little for them. The size of these whales could be between 20-26 feet long. Their weight is up to 22,000 pounds. The span of these creatures in contrast with the tanks they spent their life on at SeaWorld is perceived to be in contrast with a bathtub. As quoted from a site against the SeaWorld, "An orca at SeaWorld would need to swim the circumference of the main pool 1,900 times in one day to swim that same direction." Conversely, every individual pod of the whales conveys in a different dialect, and putting different orca whales caught into these little spaces that don't portray a similar dialect makes or creates confusion between orca whales and in several occasions antagonistic vibes towards each other. Furthermore, the orca whales are constrained into another encased condition with other orca whales who are troubled also. When orca whales are acquainted with their new home the coaches start training the creatures. The strategy to get the animals to perform is by utilizing a remuneration system, as it were that is the deprivation of food. Creatures could decide to act and get a reward in the form of food, or they decline to perform and get nothing. Keeping the whales hostage at SeaWorld under these severe conditions entirely to entertain people is not enough reason at all to torment these animals.

Hostility in Captive Orca Whales

The habits of an individual or animals dictate how they behave. It is not only a sad reality that these animals are held hostage in such little tanks but also it drives the whales in bondage to hence these animals end up being psychotic. In the movie Blackfish, it recaps not just the latest demise of SeaWorld captive whales coach Dawn Broncheau but also talks about the unrevealed stories of different coaches who were killed by orca whales or who almost died when they were in the tanks with these animals. According to Death at SeaWorld website, "Four individuals have passed on in a pool with killer whales. Dozens more have been assaulted, some with lifelong wounds. SeaWorld calls these occasions uncommon mischance; pundits call them preventable tragedies." However, these measurements do not sound exceptionally outrageous the subject of whether individuals ought to connect with these wild creatures still stays predominant. The little space develops mental illness in captive whales. Much the same as detainees being bolted up for quite a long time going crazy sitting in a correctional facility, the same applies to the orca whales. The animosity exhibited by the whales is because their bondage is not just directed towards the coaches. A significant number of these orca whales seen at SeaWorld have complications from injuries because of the battling which goes on behind the scenes. It is just a short time before other members get harmed working with these dangerous creatures who have turned out to be insane living in the little space that they are given.

The animals are not only aggressive because of the little living space but also are consistently forced to reproduce. It is attributed to the fact that taming of the wild orca whales was made illegal. Therefore, SeaWorld was compelled to produce calves using artificial methods. As indicated by Blackfish, on the SeaWorld narrative Tilikum, the whale which executed Dawn Broncheau and the other two members was the most productive in the SeaWorld business. It is beyond doubt that Tilikum's calves also had the same tendencies of aggressiveness. In fact, SeaWorld continues breeding with now a father to 21 calves. This habit prompts not just awkward behavior but makes it difficult for the trainers responsible for interbreeding. It is also risky for the orca whales. There have been no death reports outside the SeaWorld by the wild orca whales; this makes it clear that these whales are not that aggressive towards people, but rather the time spent in captivity built up the aggressiveness.

Lifespan of Captive Whales Is Shorter

As expressed by many trainers who have been telling the stories about SeaWorld, "The training at SeaWorld is a lie." Most of the instructors who talk about the whales assert that they have a longer life in the hands of their facilities. It is far from the truth as the animals can live for about 80 years outside these establishments. In bondage, they are fortunate to live past 20 years. The greater part of individuals who go to the amusement park have little enthusiasm for finding out about the creatures in the recreation center, yet SeaWorld uses numerous paradoxes when describing the orca whales to the individuals inspired by getting informed about these fascinating creatures. As expressed by George Millay, "SeaWorld was made entirely as entertainment. We didn't attempt to wear this false facade of educational significance (3). Why are the whales held in bondage if SeaWorld is not teaching the visitors appropriately, who go to the recreation center or doing any sort of sound research for the prosperity of orca whales?

Health Risks of Captive Whales

The orca whales on bondage are held entirely for entertaining those going to the recreation center, and regrettably don't get the necessary care. Those trainers in control of the parks are just concerned with the entertainment element offered by the orca whales as opposed to their wellbeing. The complaint was documented to the USDA after the announcement of coaches examining the procedure of coloring the hostage orca whales dark because of them being sunburned. The sunburn was brought about by the shallowness of the pools; the deepest pool in the SeaWorld which accommodated the whales is just 40 feet in depth. In a National Geographic magazine coach, Bridgette Pirtle states "It was disappointing to me to see more cash spent on parts of the recreation center that didn't profit from the animals. They'd spend millions of dollars renovating a children's play region or patching up the sound system (5). The statement demonstrates the significance of caring for the whales as an entertainment factor for people. In the movie Blackfish, it proves the birth of a calf, and on the same recording, later demonstrates the hours after the calf is extracted from its mother and conveyed to another SeaWorld area. Whales are exceptionally matriarchal therefore isolating a mother from the baby is unimaginably heartless. The whale whose infant calf was separated turned out to be immensely depressed and was very bothered without her baby. It is another argument demonstrating that SeaWorld is not worried for the life of the whales that they hold hostage.

However even after SeaWorld was questioned about the safety factor of their coaches and the life of the whales after that a significant number of accidents of the coaches was exposed. It is evident to people that the intentions behind the trainers interacting with the orca whales are for the benefit of the whales, and that the accidents occasionally happen. The vice president of zoological operations at the San Diego SeaWorld stated, "Our staff has interacted with killer whales for veterinary care, training, shows, presentations, husbandry, exercise, play, and advancement many times each day for almost 50 years (1).


Albeit as of late because of the growing sympathy toward coaches and the prosperity of the orca whales, mentors have been expelled from having the capacity to cooperate with direct contact with the whales. It is an excellent stride towards guaranteeing the wellbeing of the coaches, however, does not ensure that the orca whales will be displayed a chance to a superior life outside of bondage.

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