Why It Is Important to Have a Manifesto

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Grimmond (2013) says that for one to understand the importance of a manifesto, it is first important to understand and what a manifesto means. A manifesto has its roots from a Latin name, manifestum. This in Latin means often or conspicuous. A manifesto has been taken to mean a persons conviction, belief or opinion about something or life. A manifesto gives guidelines on the commitments one is ready to follow, the ambitions one has to fulfill and the dos and donts in a persons life. A manifesto is what one looks up to for motivation. It helps a person to remain focused on the path one has taken in life. In case one feels like giving up or when one feels they have lost objective of what they are doing, one can always reflect on the manifesto for directions and reassurance.

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A manifesto is a collection of the principles one is to follow. It is a guideline to a certain set of behaviors one has to observe. Some people look at it as a personal mission or vision. It gives a statement on one's ambitions, aspirations, and beliefs that should guide them in achieving those dreams.

Traditionally most manifestos were left to public declarations and for companies. However manifestos can be personal, written to prescribe and describe one's ambitions aspirations, principles, and dreams. A manifesto can be pit in a book, a movie or a mission statement.

A manifesto has many benefits when written, internalized and followed. Simple language should be used to write a manifesto and preferably should be read every day. By reading a manifesto every day, one can focus on what is important and make the priority the things that matter. It gives legitimacy and gives reinforcement to one's ambitions, aspirations, and dreams. It is a constant reminder of what one has to achieve by the end of the day. It is a catalyst to remain focused to the right things, those that are in line with your job.

Although things may be working well today and no obstructions coming in the way of ones job, things dont always remain the same, Grimond (2013). As such it is important to have something that will always remind one of the roadmaps when one is lost or has faced such harsh and tough moments as to lose focus. For one to remain in line with the commitment one vowed to on the first time one started something, and then a manifesto is very crucial.

What Really Matters

I have a strong passion for writing graphic novels. This I started since my tender age when I would not only read but attempt to write small essays based on what I had read in graphic novels. My greatest topics of all are topics on human rights. At first, I wasnt sure whether I wanted to write graphic novels or comic novels.

I am committed to writing graphic novels. Why have graphic novels? Graphic novels appear to have diverse meanings to different people especially that it is often confused with comic books. The word comic is often understood to mean a book written for children, mainly produced weekly, monthly or periodically and sold at the bookstores with a keen focus to children. For graphic novels, it is said to be a complex story mainly written for use by older readers, which is often retailed at bookstores, has a hard cover and has complex topics, themes, and artistic design. Comics are often designed in a manner likely to be attractive to all persons and across all age groups, because of their diverse genres and styles. Most graphic novels will not be original as they tend to improve the works already published in comic novels. They will, however, be characterized by more complex styles, may take the form of longer narratives, refined formats, and better print paper quality. Graphic novels are written to be read by superior and more mature readers.

My passion for writing graphic books is especially inspired by the works of Martin Luther King Jr., and the story told of the Montgomery. It is a story where the writer wants the events that occurred during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. to remain alive, where there were always peaceful demonstrations, non-violent march to fight for rights. Like my passion to inform my audience, the writer portrays the essence of the book and its connection with the days when the civil rights movements were alive. The fact that civil rights were once a much fought for activity could still be reborn today to correct the political and social evils in the current era.

I have a passion to create writings with hidden meanings. When I was young, I would write essays that I would tell my siblings to read and interpret their meaning. With time I started looking for an area to write on complex topics where a reader will have to go through a book for several times to grasp the theme of the text. The main characters have a theme blended to bring out the message, and the reader has to be keen on their descriptions. In my writings, I have to ensure that words make greater sense when read together with the images. The use of images between lines has a great impact and will have a very deep meaning if read carefully and in unison. It is the words and images in graphic novels that work together to bring out wholeness and completeness.

In my earlier writings, I would also put an image on my essays to bring out the real meaning of the title. This led me to graphic novels that make them real by use of images. In one of my best books, March, one the most moving pages brings out the image of the body of one Emmett Till, giving the book such a mind awakening thrust as the image itself is horrific. This image was specifically included with a reason, to bring out a strong message that strikes. It makes me vividly remember how Emmett was lynched while in tenth grade and made me know that could have happened to anybody else. In short the writer uses the strongest word, not trying to hide anything or sugarcoat things, its about letting the reader see the real deal as it was.

Through my reading, I can inspire the people to see the various atrocities that other humans beings suffer when human rights are not respected. I will be able to express vividly the state of fear that engulfs the people when there are murders, church and school bombings and the horror the people live in at such times. My fulfillment and the best time is when I can captivate a reader to view my side of the story at a totally different level.

Discernment has played a part in knowing my passion. I could always, in my younger days, when I would gather my neighborhood friends and narrate to them how I would be a great writer. I would always feel from deep inside that I was a man who holds the artistic pen at the angle only to bring out the very specific instincts of a scene, person, and surroundings.

Declaration of Action

I will write the most captivating graphic novels the world has come across. Each day will be a new day to change the world to respect human rights, to preserve the God-given gift of life by respecting that very life. It will be my ambition not to be deterred by anything or anyone in achieving my ambitions of writing.

Passion will always guide me in my day to day life, the passion to write what is relevant, what is transformative, and what is the mirror of the society. I will not be intimidated by anybody, not the government, corporations or individuals. I will always stand with what is right, what is true and justifiable.

I will not allow my mind to be distracted by anything or anyone. I will always have a book ready for my readers from time to time without failure. The libraries will always be flocked by a copy of my novel. I will not rest, sleep nor feel fatigue not until my readers have a piece of my thoughts at the shelves.

I will take every day to be a day to talk about human rights. What words will and cannot articulate I will articulate by the pen. The flow of words will always be flowing to give life to my thoughts, my opinions and suggestions.

Grimond (2013) says that one should not write for the sake of writing; I will write what is in the best interest of the minority. I will not keep quiet when the society tramples on the weak; it will be my dream and ambition to ensure the readers are informed of any atrocities committed against any human being irrespective of their social status in the society.

I will be the call to the hue and cry for justice for those whom the government has forgotten. Every person who takes my book to read will know that they all have a greater responsibility to humanity, a call that is beyond egoism and selfishness, a call that ensures that each persons neighbor is being treated as a human being with rights.

My passion for making known what human rights are, and how they should be preserved will not only get me a local audience but will address issues affecting people all over the world. Human beings are equal even across the continents.


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