Why Is Understanding the Health Care System Important to Consider When Planning an EBP Implementation?

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Date:  2022-07-21


In the planning of evidence-based practices, a given researcher requires carrying out a lot of research. Most of the researchers will involve an understanding of the system of health care at the local levels. This kind of knowledge will assist the researcher in several ways when planning for the evidence-based practice.

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Understanding of system of health care at local levels helps the researcher in acquiring of information regarding distinct care systems. It is by through knowing methods used at the regional health centers which will enable researchers in evaluating how health systems may be enhanced in a manner that they will offer quality services of healthcare to patients. Another important aspect of having researchers understanding the operation of healthcare at local levels is that they can recognize different healthcare practices and cultures. The researchers will assess the systems used at the regional health centers which will enable them to determine which the best practices are and cultures that need to be adopted in the healthcare systems. Therefore, the researchers will have the opportunity of evaluating different cultures that they would recommend for any given health care system which will help in attaining of improved healthcare services.

Understanding of system of health care at local levels assists the researcher in identifying which is the best types of equipment that require being used for a specific treatment. In the process of planning for any evidence-based practice, a researcher will need accurate information that regards the available types of equipment appropriate for the procedure (Titler, 2008). As a result, this information about the equipment will be useful during the planning of the type of intervention which needs to be used in the evidence-based practice. Understanding of system of health care at local levels also helps the researchers in identifying and understanding more information regarding different forms of partnerships used in the healthcare systems. When the researchers develop an understanding concerning healthcare system at the local health centers, it will significantly contribute to the process of planning an evidence-based practice in the sense that the researchers will be evaluating ways in which organizations of healthcare collaborate with different institutions such as universities and colleges. This kind of understanding will enable researchers when interacting with providers of health care and acquire the necessary recommendations about an evidence-based practice which may be implemented.

Additionally, understanding of the system of healthcare at local levels provides the researcher with adequate information about different kind of services which are provided. This is beneficial to the researchers planning to carry out a given evidence-based practice as it helps them in understanding the current facilities which are being offered in the systems of healthcare which assists in preparing the evidence-based practice. According to Wallen et al., (2010), the researcher will have the benefit of narrowing the scope of significant things which will be fundamental for the implementation of the evidence-based practice that is being planned. Understanding of system of health care at local levels enables the researchers in understanding the leadership of healthcare system. The researchers planning a given evidence-based practice can identify the kind of procedure that they need to follow in acquiring the necessary practice recommendations as well as the last case reports which will be required at the time of implementing evidence-based practice.


In my development project, first, I would prefer collecting information from several healthcare facilities that the previous implementation of evidence-based practice was found as successful. The evidence obtained from these projects will help the process of developing programs essential in the targeted fields. Additionally, I would prefer researching the facilities of healthcare and acquire evidence from employees that concern the way in which they are managed such that I can overcome such types of challenges. In this manner, it will be easier to carry out the successful implementation of evidence-based practice in any given health care system.


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