Wholesome Foods Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-04-14

Wholesome Foods is one of the most successful grocers in the world. The success is due to the operation of the management around their main stakeholders. By meeting the needs and desires of these stakeholders, the firm accomplishes its values. The stakeholders include its customers, employees, communities and the environment. There are several ways in which the company strives to adhere to its values.

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Wholesome Foods is committed to its customers as its stakeholders. There are several ways through which the firm endeavors to satisfy and maintain its consumers. For example, the management permits free sampling to enable the customers to taste the products. The management also urges its employees to treat customers like family members. Additionally, the company promotes its relationship with customers through social media. The firm posts interact with customers through social media channels such as twitter and Facebook. These efforts increase the customer base for the company.

The company highly considers quality standards of organic foods in stock. It strives to avoid genetically modified foods in their stores. The firm targets to sell products that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. All these efforts make their products to be unique, making the firm to remain competitive.

In addition to maintaining the quality of its products, Wholesome foods value their employees. To increase the morale of workers, the company has several initiatives. For instance, employees can receive a certain percentage of discounts on the company products and the staff members who work for longer hours. The firm has also established initiatives such as discount incentives program to promote the health of its workers. All these efforts to satisfy employees translate to customer satisfaction.

Although Wholesome Foods has values to live with, there are several possible stakeholders that the firm neglected. One of the core values of the firm is healthy living. In the year 2009 however, the company went astray and let junk foods in their stores due to increased competition from related companies. The firm in doing so, neglected the aspect of health value to the consumers of its products. The company might also have neglected the employees' freedom to membership of a union. The company dislikes unions and as such opposed Employee Free Choice Act which gives workers the freedom to join unions. These restrictions, therefore, disobey workers who form part of core stakeholders.


In conclusion, Wholesome Foods has set its mission to more than being a profitable company. The firm has strived to meet ethical objectives, and as such, making decisions that consider its workers, customers, and other stakeholders. The firm has also shown its desire to conserve the environment by encouraging the use of renewable shopping baskets Generally, the company has demonstrated a positive reputation to its stakeholders despite facing some challenges it faces as it expands to new markets.

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