"Manage Your Emotional Culture" Article Analysis Essay

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Date:  2022-11-15


The article focuses on exploring the significance of emotional culture in the organizational environment. The authors affirm that in most organizations, people focus on creating a strong corporate culture which encompasses the intellectual values, norms, beliefs, practices, and assumptions that dictate how people behave within the working environment. The corporate culture thus influences the behavior of employees regarding competitiveness, innovation, team effectiveness, and customers focus. According to the authors, while corporate culture is undeniably significant in driving the success of a business, emotional culture is also another critical aspect that shapes the effectiveness of a team. Emotional culture refers to the shared norms, beliefs, values, and assumptions that govern the emotions among the various individuals in the workplace. While corporate culture is often exhibited through verbal communication, emotional culture is conveyed via non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and body language.

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The article stresses that every organization has an emotional culture even if it is suppressed beneath the surface. While stressing the significance of emotional culture, the authors affirm that it is important to take into account the mission statement of the organization to ensure that the organization creates and maintains a strong emotional culture. In this case, the leaders and managers play a significant role in shaping the emotional culture within the organizational environment. It means that their body language and facial expressions are highly influential where for example, it a manager is consistently angry, he/she ends up cultivating the culture of anger in the workplace.

Various emotional cultures are evident in the workplace include the culture of joy, culture of compassionate love, and the culture of fear. The culture of joy encompasses the active reinforcement and motivation by the management. The culture of compassionate love refers to the level of affection, care, and compassion among employees. The authors stress that organizations should strive to cultivate the culture of compassionate so that they can create genuine relationships among the team members that enhance the social interactions within and outside the business environment. The culture of fears is often considered to be negative emotions that affect the morale of workers. Organizations that cultivate the culture of fear tend to create low morale among the employees and the highest level of employee turnover as well.


Following the analysis of the three key emotional culture evident in the workplace, it is evident that compassionate love and the culture of joy tend to create positive emotions while the culture of fear ted to be often negative. However, the authors stress that both sides of the culture can create different effects than expected. For example, joyful emotions may create a lot of fun in the workplace obstructing effective completion of tasks. Also, the culture of love may create an environment where employees feel like a family making it difficult to hold honest conversations. Therefore, to avoid such problems, the organizations should maintain a balance between the two sides of emotional cultures. Cultivating a strong emotional culture requires the management to influence people to feel that the emotions are valuable to the organization. This can be done by striving to model and cultivate the culture of their choice in the workplace. For instance, if the manager consistently depicts energy while addressing the workers, it may cultivate the culture of energy and joy in the workplace.

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