What Temple University School of Social Work's Mission Statement Is Compelling to Me

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Date:  2022-12-06


Temple University School of social work mission was started in 1969 to prepare individuals for professional positions of leadership in the field of social work. Most compelling statement to me is that Temple University is dedicated to societal transformation and elimination of social, political and economic injustices committed to the poor and the oppressed people.

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On the other hand, Temple school of social work mission advance the quality of life for all people by providing education and emphasizing on the discovery of knowledge. Additionally, the statement compels me in applying critical inquiry on professional ethics to provide guidance and solution seeking and action taking to the impact of social change among professional social workers

According to me, another compelling statement of Temple University School is the existence of research and scholarship to advance applied knowledge and also generate evidence-based strategies which resolve problems that occur between people and their social environment at their local level national and international level.

Significant Experiences with People of Various Backgrounds

My experience is that diversity of people at Temple University School is a source of coming up with innovative ideas and creating accomplishment. There exist a defining feature and differences based on their values from their diverse background that rises from their cultural differences. Differences include race gender, color ethnic, religion, language, gender, and sexual orientation.

One of the Mission of Temple University is to serve the interest of students from diverse backgrounds. My personal experience with people from different backgrounds is that they strictly tend to adhere to moral values that are taught in their religions and they strive hard not to divert from moral adherence. People from the same ethnic background share common beliefs especially in culture and religious practices.

Impact on Relevance of the Experiences

Diversity should be an integral aspect of the achievement of academic integrity excellence. Diversity enables Temple University to accomplish their academic missions because its objective is to broaden and deepen the experience of education and the scholarly environment because students from different backgrounds freely interact and learn to effectively communicate with each other. As a result, prepares students to actively participate in a complex and pluralistic society. Similarly, for social work to remain committed to its specified missions of addressing societal inequalities, individual level factors ought to be understood since they lead students in pursuing practices either in clinical, over other social work forms.

My Plan for Balancing the Part-Time or Full-Time MSW Program

I will carry reading materials to the workplace and establish shifts at work that will enable me to focus on my academic work. I will work one or two days in an office and dedicate the rest of the days completely free to carry on my research that includes fieldwork. I will never leave the house without carrying something to read. Moreover, I will read some few pages of my research during tea and lunch breaks.

I will also build a support network that includes family, friends, peers in the postgraduate program who will serve as my advisors in my academic journey. Members of this network can participate in study sessions; for example, my peers in the postgraduate program can join me in forming group discussions that will be of great essence in shaping my academic skills.

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