What Are Three Examples of Web Marketing?

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Date:  2021-03-03

Every changing aspect of today's generation is courtesy of the internet. Things have evolved increasingly as regards to how we interact with our friends, co-workers, and employers. Just twenty years ago, a technology that has proven indispensable was invented. During the time, it was just at its infant stage. However, the influential individuals of today were willing to exploit it to their advantage. Web marketing is defined as a broad field of advertising that takes many diverse forms. Nevertheless, the internet technology fundamentally involves any online market activity. Today's companies understand the value the web offers. It provides interactive opportunities for customers as well as attracting fresh ones. Therefore, businesses have utilized the chance to refine their online marketing platforms as the internet evolves. Businesses, as a result, have been able to reach higher numbers of potential clients. This paper addresses three types of web marketing that have played a role in the expansion of businesses.

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The first most used web marketing strategy is display advertising. The technique involves the use of banner adverts to market products online. These adverts have had their share of critic especially since most of them are graphic. However, for many corporations, they have always been a useful technique since they remind potential buyers who are fond of browsing of the availability of products (El-Gohary, 2011, p. 13). The other type is social media advertising. This strategy involves the use of free sites like Twitter and Facebook to connect with potential customers. Also, a similar technique makes use of email advertising (Stewart, 2013, p. 2). The benefits of social media advertising are that it addresses all age groups and social classes since a large percentage of the world's population have access to these sites. It also provides a platform for informal language adverts in the form of short clips and exciting images.

The third most commonly used web marketing strategy is the search engine marketing technique. This method involves the use of search engines to aid business organizations in connecting users with their products and services offered (Roggeveen, et al..2015, p.11). It also provides clients with particular tastes the opportunity to browse and obtain their most preferred items. Due to the frequent use of this type of marketing, businesses have devised newer and convenient ways such as free delivery of products to encourage more buyers to make use of their platforms. They also pay to gain preferential rankings in lists showing search results.

Similar accounts to this piece prove that marketers have moved on to online marketing because it is less expensive. There are endless advertising spaces for all businesses out there. Even young individuals are starting blogs that are proving to be significantly beneficial in monetary and popularity terms.


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