Vision, Values, and Mission in Leadership Essay

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Date:  2022-07-08


Leadership is an effort towards influencing the activities of employees through communication process towards attaining specific goals or objectives. Good leadership is very vital for the growth and development of an organization. Excellent leadership qualities show the ability of an individual to leading other people towards achieving an organization's set goals. Communication is a significant facet of leadership since, without communication, leadership can be ineffective.

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For leadership to be effective there is a need for well-laid out rules, values, a mission and a vision to help an organization work towards achieving them. In leadership, inborn personality traits are as essential as the behaviour and style the leader learns. A consultative leader implores the ideas and opinions of the employees and other staff in the organization after which they command the workers to execute the assigned tasks (Dermol & Sachakamol, 2016). Values, a mission, and a vision are some of the vital facets of leadership.


A vision is a mental image or picture, future orientation, and aspects of direction or goal. It gives guidance to an organization by articulating what it aims at attaining. Apart from providing an organization with direction, a vision also provides an organization with a means of accomplishing the goal. The vision also has a powerful aspect which motivates, inspires and engages people in a right way. A leader can use the vision statement to execute his/her command on the employees to help achieve set goals and objectives (Dermol & Sachakamol, 2016). Leaders can use good vision characteristics to develop an appropriate vision. They include: Attracting commitment and energizing people, creating meaning in the lives of workers, bridging present to the organization's future and establishing a standard of excellence.


A mission statement is a brief description of why a company has been set up. It gives an overview of what the company does, its customers and what makes it different from the competitors. A mission statement helps to direct an organization towards the right direction and help leaders make sound decisions which can benefit it. Planning for the future can be a problem for an organization without a mission statement (Han, Lee, Jung, Lee, & Kim, 2017). Leaders need to ensure that every organization they run has a mission statement. This is an indicator of excellent leadership skills. With the mission statement, the leader can manage the organization effectively thus ascertaining the achievement of its goals and objectives.


An organization working towards success must have benefits. These values include equal treatment of workers in the organization, a conducive and safe environment for employees to work in, timely payment and quality production among others. These values are vital for the growth of an organization (Dermol & Sachakamol, 2016). Every leader must ensure that these values are met by every member or worker in the organization. Leaders should thus ensure that there is equal treatment of workers in the organization to help the workers provide optimal labor towards fulfilling the organization's goals. The products should also be of good quality to help retain existing customers and attract more to buy the product or service.


Leadership is vital for the growth and development of an organization. A good leader involves employees in decision making but has the right to command the employees to exploit their expertise for the development of an organization. Consequently, the leader should ensure that all employees understand the organization's mission, vision, and values which will help in the smooth running of the organization.


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