Leadership Skill-Building Behavior Essay Example

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Date:  2022-08-18

Tricia, an HR team leader, in a bid to improve her effectiveness in leadership opts to have Twitter exchanges and become Facebook friends with her staff members of five human resource professionals. In her insight, she believes the social media initiative should strictly take on task-oriented and business-like work-related posts. Following the business-like chats and posts on Facebook and Twitter, she ignores the fact that her team had developed a better personal relationship with her at the professional level, instead opting to send more personal posts that made her group members somewhat uncomfortable.

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While relationship-oriented behavior is purposely meant to develop, provide support and recognition for fellow team members through effective communication, Frank uses authoritarian leadership style in pushing for results from his team (Series, 2015). Even though the team members have aired their concern on the limited opportunity in government contracts, Frank instructs them to use all means and win a deal in six months. The government has tightened spending hence limited budget to allocate money on government contracts. The team goes ahead and suggests an alternative way of sourcing for contracts from the private sector. They indulge Frank to help them work on that line of thought, however, Frank retort back telling them to stop excuses and get it done.

Frank leadership behavior and attitudes in the organization are wanting. As a leader one has to be a team player (Du et al., 2013). However, Frank leaves the other managers with the responsibility of finding a way to bring in new contracts; evidently, he doesn't buy into their idea of diversifying and widening their scope of getting new contracts from the private sector. Additionally, his communication skills are wanting, especially in a situation where the company is facing financial challenges a leader should involve all stakeholders and relevant people in a consultative discussion to find a solution (Raducan & Raducan, 2014).- Also frank displays an arrogant attitude when he tells the managers "he is not here to do their jobs." Frank should involve all managers in a meaningful discussion to chat a way out, find solutions on how to get a new contract. He should respect other managers too and stop looking down on them for the success of the project (Jones et. Al, 2013).

Best management practices require that one employ team work in organizational decision making. A participatory approach in management where the team is involved and motivated to work always delivers the desired results as they own the project. Authoritarianism on the other hand does not inspire employees to give their best as they feel unwanted as their objective is to produce result irrespective of the challenges they face in the process.

I have learned that best management practice must embrace teamwork. All members of the team should be involved in decision making which will enhance positive results.


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