Vietnamese Services During the Japan and France Conflict

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Date:  2021-03-09

During the world war II Vietnam performed the service of helping to rescue the Frenchmen who had been held in Japanese jails in the country, helped some of them to escape death and also rescued their property. This is a service they rendered to their former colonizer, man act of humane and tolerant. Overtime irrespective of their relationship, the country was tolerant to France but they did not reciprocate, in fact when they called upon France to alien with then to defeat Japan they did not and instead they killed their own people.

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Philosophical principles

During the period, the various allies referred to principles that related to the rights and freedoms of human beings as declared by various states in the period. One of these principles is the principle found in The Americas 1776 Declaration of independence which states that All humans are equal. They are gifted by their maker with certain absolute rights among them liberty, life as well as the quest for happiness. This was used to express that independence was mandatory for all the people in the nation. The second philosophical principle was the pronouncement of the 1791 French Revolution on the civil liberties of man as well as citizens which states that all menfolk are born free having equal rights and always have to stay free as well as having equal privileges. These principles were reasserted in the various particular periods and should still hold. In the light of these principles, Vietnam had the right to liberation from the oppressive Japanese government.

Crimes by French during occupation of Vietnam

During the time French colonized Vietnam it committed varied crimes to the people of Vietnam which include the crimes of Liberty, equity, democracy and fraternity. Among these crimes some were so bad that they pushed for Vietnam to gain freedom from its colonizers. The performance of crimes like, those of liberty like the obstruction of the people's freedom and the restriction of the people's practice of democratic rights are severe to a nation and make a justification for the call to independence. Other severe crimes are the execution of laws that were contrary to humanity and justice. The injustices that were practiced were very severe on the Vietnamese people. Degradation f education and maltreatment of the people of Vietnam such that the number of prisons outnumbered that of schools meant that the colonizers degraded development in the country. Most of them were confined in prisons and few went to learn.

Other crimes include the crimes of economic derivation where the French government deprived the country of all its resources ranging from mines, forests and other raw materials that could be used to meet the needs of the nation. Manipulation of the Vietnamese land which led to the people been made poor so that the peasants were pushed to extreme poverty. The forcing of the people to consume alcohol and opium which weakened their race was as good as killing them. The French government threw the Vietnam nation to extreme poverty through other practices like the invention of irrelevant taxes that ensured that most of the currency in the country was paid to them as a tribute and also by overexploitation f the work force of the nation. They ensured that the country was in extreme poverty and economic degradation. Most people in the nation starved to death. As if all other crimes were not enough, they later sold out the country to a new colony, the Japanese government. These rimes that the French government committed in Vietnam are severe crimes for which justification can be given to the people of Vietnam for demanding for independence.

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