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Creativity is the use of ideas and transforming them into reality. Creativity can bring out intelligence and emotions. Examples of creative skills are evaluative skills where one analyses a situation well before taking action. Passing ideas and information efficiently from the source to the receiver requires creativity so as not to bring misunderstandings of the message. Leadership is the phenomenon of guiding and instructing a person or a group of people like in an organization. Innovation is bringing about change in how things are done. Innovation involves putting into practice the creative ideas which have been formulated by a leader. Therefore, innovative leaders are as a result of their creativity. Leaders should keep on imagining new ideas to bring the change they aspire. According to Dyer, (2011), Gregersen and Christensen innovators may share specific characteristics although those characters are not written into the DNA, and are as a result of creativity.

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Good leadership is of great significance for any success of organization or business. Every organization's joy is when the aims and goals are achieved. In every leadership model, there exists a leader and the followers. Followers emulate what the characteristics of a leader; hence leaders should possess good characters. Leaders should use effective ways of implementing ideas for efficient learning of the institution or a business. Followers should also be cooperative with their leaders for any achievement of the goals.

Our manager is a great leader with good leadership characters. The manager employs good leadership styles and strategies. Leadership styles are to ensure that the aims laid down are achieved effectively. Creativity helped him in developing new plans if the previous ones have not delivered the intended objectives effectively and efficiently. Excellent leadership skills also improve interpersonal relationship amongst workers and between leaders and workers.

Another important characteristic of our manager is the ability to see things positively despite our negative perception of handling a task. A negative attitude can kill someone's morale in performing the duties. Thus the manager was an excellent motivator to his followers. The manager does this by giving motivation stories of past success. We, therefore, emulate him on having a positive attitude.

Our manager helps in solving negative interpersonal relationships. Human beings are prone to errors and misunderstandings are common when people are converged in an area. The manager does not support any of the sides of the conflicting parties. Instead, the manager may counsel the opposite parties on the importance of teamwork. Supporting one party may affect the future relationship between the manager and the unsupported party which will, in turn, impact the performance of the organization negatively.

Our manager improves the problem-solving skills of his employees. He did this by handing over some work to the workers and keeping watch on how they perform. This is because he believed that he is also a human being and he might need the ideas of others. I once asked him on how to perform a particular task, but he replied with " what do you think should be done in this situation?". According to Tracy, (2013) "solving problems by a leader because he thinks he is capable of is reverse delegation." Our manager avoids reverse delegation by letting us workers define the problem, look for possible solutions and pick on the most effective solution. This improves workers creativity to bring the change in the organization.

Our manager possesses good listening skills. He regularly calls on meetings to keep us up to date. Another essence of the conference is to gather information from every worker on matters that may be affecting the organization. Strengths should also be presented to rate achievements. During meetings, the manager listens very carefully on everyone's view without prejudice. According to Parker, (2008)," teamwork is a necessary element in leadership, which must be considered in successful leadership."

Our leader also portrays confidence, honesty, and integrity. He is confident enough, and this ensures that we do as per his instructions. This brings out respect from his followers. However, he is not overconfident as this might lower our self-esteem. With integrity, our leader fears nothing which is a good character to be envied. He is only bold enough to gain our trust as his followers. Our manager also speaks the truth to act as our role models. Running an organization with trust issues is terrible as it may bring uncertainties.

Empathy is another character that is owned by our manager. A leader should not just issue instruction without considering the views of other people as they may be of great importance. This brings about confidence in the follower's, and they believe in themselves. Followers think that they can make their own decisions to improve their creation of new ideas. Empathy helps in organizations sustainability and helps leaders in putting in implementing their goals.

Our leader is also accountable for his actions. He does not blame anyone in case he makes a mistake. He takes full responsibility for his actions. This, in turn, causes the subordinates to take full responsibilities of their efforts. When someone accepts his/her mistakes, it becomes easy to rectify the errors without any supervision or pressure. Acceptance of mistakes also portrays that one appreciates that he is a human being and prone to making errors.

A good should have excellent communication skills. Communication skills help a leader in passing information and ideas to the subordinates. Having excellent communication skills also improves the leader's persuasive power to avoid sounding dictatorial when issuing instructions. Followers emulate good communication skills from their leaders to develop interpersonal relationships with each other. This improves the working environment making it friendly and subordinates enjoy their work more. Our leader understands each and everyone's feelings, and they reflect on how someone is going to undertake the organization's tasks.

Good leaders should be future-oriented and more focused. All their goals should be for the improvement of the organization's state. Planning of the future involves careful examination of past problems and how to avoid them in the future. Positive attitude towards the planned future task and believing in oneself is essential. Future-oriented leaders should be committed to their day to day undertakings to fulfill their goals.

A good leader should be passionate enough. One should not just be a leader because he or she has been appointed. The leader should possess the driving power. Our manager is excited about his position. This is illustrated in how he carries his duties with love. Working under someone passionate improves your perception about the job as, and one feels motivated to perform. Passion also helps leaders to step from their comfort zone.

Our leader is humble and grateful. Humility manifests itself on the way he approaches the subordinates. He does not approach his followers with an attitude that they don't belong to the same level. His relationship with his followers is horizontal. He may form brainstorming projects whereby he presents himself on the same level as the other workers. Our leader shows gratitude by rewarding those workers who have accomplished their tasks well.

Stake holder's analysis is well conducted in our organization. Our manager is well competent in the stakeholder process. Stakeholder management is the process that people use to win others. Importance of indulging in stakeholders is to avoid mistakes at an early stage. Another reason for stakeholders is to help in getting resources for the success of a project. Engaging well with stakeholders also ensure that they will understand your plan and can help you in times of need.

Perseverance is also a great character to be acquired by leaders. I like our leader as he can tolerate hard circumstances. He understands that hard situations are temporal and that they are the bases of our strengths. This is because creativity comes in when one is faced with a problem because a problem has to be solved. From the manager's perseverance character, we learn not to give up.

Leadership styles and strategies are ways used by leaders to implement their ideas to bring change in their specific organizations or business. This is because in every organization there are people with different personalities and people with different cultures. Thus, a leader should adopt a leadership style and strategy that will accommodate every subordinate. An organization whose leader does not consider everyone does not perform its duties and tasks as required. According to Becker, (2018), among the leadership styles include democratic, autocratic, situational and transformational leadership styles.

Our manager uses a democratic way of leadership. Democracy is when the views of everyone are considered when making decisions. When a need arises to make a decision, the manager calls a meeting, and he presents the draft for us to work on it and look for solutions. The manager though has the final say, but each worker has a say. Democratic style of leadership is the most effective. It helps the subordinates to exercise some instructing powers in case they find themselves in leadership positions.

Cross-cultural leadership style is applied where an organization is made up of people from different cultures. Our manager has adopted a cross-cultural method because our organization is made of people from different cultures to accommodate each person. Our manager also utilizes the coaching leadership style to teach followers to improve their skills on how to undertake and perform tasks. The manager also adopts visionary leadership styles to transform their visions into reality.

Our manager has got leadership characteristics to be envied. As an aspiring leader, I have learned that a good leader should be able to come up with new ideas that can bring change to an organization. A good leader should be a grateful son to motivate his workers to perform more. A leader should also have excellent communication skills such as good language and listening skills. A leader should also practice a popular style of leadership to provide room for everyone to present their views and ideas.


In conclusion, creativity is what leads to changes in leadership regimes. Good leaders should be well effective when formulating and implementing the goals of an organization. I learned from my manager the importance of having leadership characteristics such as humility, creativity, honesty, and future-oriented for the successful learning of an organization. Good characters by a leader improve the interpersonal relationships between workers as they tend to emulate their leader. Effective leadership styles such as democratic also play a vital role in organizations.


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