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Psychopathology develops when a victim experience proximate cause. Mrs. Meza has been the victim of psychopathology because of prolonged continuous problems that she experienced in her family. An issue of child abuse has been in the mind of Mrs. Meza, and adding problems she encounters daily in her family has been the reason for her to seek service from a doctor. Medical services seek to demonstrate and diagnose her with the disease then get treated appropriately. Mrs. Meza stated earlier; she is seeking services because she failed to provide appropriate care to her child thus the child abuse. The case of developed bruising on the chest of her daughter has been a speeding effecting in the mind of the victim. Husband to Mrs. Meza who is a father to Minerva is the one who sees the situation as concerning. They see it as a concerning because Mrs. Meza might develop a mental disorder. The psychological disorder brought about by worries of Minerva care.

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Mrs. Meza is referred to a psychiatrist, a medical speciality vowed to the diagnosis and prevention of psychopathology (Nisbett 2018). The status of Mrs. Meza is involuntary; it happens automatically. Conditioned stimulus accelerates the conditioned response in the central nervous system of the victims, and the victim, in this case, is Mrs. Meza. " I have come here to seek medical attention due to my rising worries about my family, moreover, the most worrying condition of my daughter Minerva" The statement from Mrs. Meza, the reason why she is seeking medical attention in the health sector. It is evident from first Mrs. Meza is troubled with her daughter's condition, and this is the reason why she does not have peace of mind.

Background Information

Mrs. Meza is a Mexican who currently lives in the United States of America. She is married and has three children. One of her daughter who is Minerva has health complication that resulted from premature. Birth before getting ready. The daughter has been having health complication issues throughout. Mrs. Meza feels like she is the cause of the unhealthy condition of her little daughter. It is so because Mrs. Meza feels like she did give all when her daughter was born. She blames herself thinking that knowing most of the time she was busy in the office instead of looking after her little kid. The family of Mrs. Meza is now under pressure because of the developing problems that do not hesitate.

The history of the problem, in this case, is psychiatry. It is the history of the problem, Mrs. Meza experiences behavioral condition because of her family issues and the accusation of child abuse. The problem noted in the chest of her daughter has also been another case. The case that has a limited behavioral condition of Mrs. Meza, therefore, forcing her to look for medical attention from a psychiatric, a medical specialist.

Mrs. Meza has legal issues, she is not a documented citizen of the United States, and this contributes to change in her mental behavioral. Her family has many issues; she recently invited her mother-in-law to look after Minerva, the Sickle daughter (Leibo 2018)r. Mother-in-law accuses the victim of her daughter health; she claims that Mrs. Meza does not know how to take care of the little ones. Her family is in conflict, and she is not in the proper term with her mother in law.

Mrs. Meza's social life is not perfect because she does not even have enough time to share and spend with her daughter. It gets to an extent where the little Minerva has no one to look after. The two of her daughter does things on their own. The medical part, Mrs. Meza has health insurance that covers her children. They are treated whenever they are sick. The problem comes in when Mrs. Meza gets sick; she has to spend money because she could not get insurance. She is limited because she is not a legal citizen. Mrs. Meza is not stable financially. Medical expenses made her spend a lot of money on medical bills. She has used the money to get medical services in her previous treatment.

Assessment Process

Creating rapport with the client would include:

I'll become friendly and approachable. It would make it easy to develop a rapport with the client. Become friendly by welcoming the client with a smile in the face thus forming or establishing a good rapport between the two of us. I'll make it sound normal for problems to occur to a life of a person, which is becoming friendly. The facial expression would not be frightening; this would make me approachable in case she wants to ask a more personal question. By ensuring that I'm friendly, it would be easy to administer treatment to a patient and share more. Sharing would make it easy to find a solution to the problem of the client. I'll create a rapport between the client and I by showing client interest. Showing the interest would enable the client to become more open and share with me to find a quick solution to the problem.

Therapeutic alliance is the most significance; this could be the source of the problem and a beginning of treatment. That trust between the client and I would enable natural treatment of the condition:

First I would enhance trust between the client and me, I would show interest in wanting to know what troubles Mrs. Meza. Showing interest would make the client open up to me. It would be the best time to administer treatment and get to know more about the patient. That would ally to work.

The second part I would let my client know that I feel and understand the pain she is going through. That would make it easy for the two of us to ally. The alliance would then be of benefit. The client would even develop more trust and get open to share with me her problems. I would get to know naturally what troubles, Mrs. Meza.

The third part, I would let my client know that I understand something about her problem. What the experience is not that big. I would give her see the problem she is experiencing would come to an end. I would ensure that at least I familiarise with the patient mental disorder. This would make easy to treat such a patient; once there is proper alliance formation. Things would always work because information flow would be reliable. After alliance formation, treatment follows with immediate effect to ensure the problem is entirely solved. The alliance makes the procedure of therapy easy.

When talking of the cultural background that is related to the client, I would enhance the importance of culture.

The culture differences would enhance the relationship between the client and me because there would be respectful of each other. The cultural background between Mrs. Meza and I is that we believe in one thing, we are all Christian and think we would get healed. The experience has formed a pillar for easy understanding between the patient and I. Mrs. Meza's culture and mine relate; we relate because we all live in America. The relationship would be great, and it would easy to administer treatment.

When we have something in common with the client, there's that natural trust that develops between the two and that influences the development of the relationship.

Racial identity:

Racial identity can help build a relationship between the client and social worker. When the client recognizes that you are ethnic identity is the same, they would always feel the same as the type of social worker they would be dealing with. Mrs. Meza and I have got one thing in common, and that would enable us to share more than just what I expected in the conversation. It is easy to operate with someone you have to earn trust.

Ethnic and racial identity:

When there is racial identity between the client and a social worker, the level of approach becomes more approachable, and the relationship id builds faster. Ethnic identity form essential section to the client and social worker and relationship. The path between the two is more compared to different racial identity.

One identity within a cultural context:

The personal identity would build the approach and relationships faster. How to obtain relevant information that would help to conduct an ecological-based assessment.

Data Analysis

Data analysis can be used as one way of mean in conducting an ecological-based assessment test. The test could be on client people and family as well. In data analysis, there would be questionnaires too (Belgrave 2018). It would be a mean of acquiring data and many other more ways. On the client, I would use an inquiry, and on a family, I can still use an inquiry from the client. In culture and community, I would use Survey data analysis.

Personal Strength and Weakness

The client had some depth at least despite the state that she was in to. The client was energetic and reliable regarding power an appearance. Mrs. Meza was not that weak as thought. She thinks and makes the right choices when it comes to deciding.

Some of the strengths the patient had include: the functional skill was good. It was good because Mrs. Meza does what she is asked to do. Whenever asked questions, Mrs. Meza answers merely without straining.

The hygiene was good. The gentle way of social behaving with people was just average and okay. It was part that the patient had some strengths. It is evident because, after the assessment, Mrs. Meza prolonged her discussion with some individuals in the health sector and other clients as well. The appearance, Mrs. Meza appeared stressed and could not manage and control how she hew appearance. The presentation was as a result of the low stress and behavioral changes that she was currently experiencing.

Mrs. Meza health was good. The health of the client was good despite the behavioral changes that were felt, the client is okay, and he could walk and run of her own (Larsen 2017). It forms parts of strengths that Mrs. Meza had despite the condition what she encountered.

Areas that require improvement include:

Response to life changes: Mrs. Meza was not right and efficient when it comes to response to changes in the life circle. She was weak on this side, and she needs more than just treatment. Mrs. Meza has visited the hospital regularly and get counsel from the hospital department. The council would help manage changes whenever they occur in one's life.

Another area where improvement is needed is judgment or self-control. Self-control would enable Mrs. Meza to control herself whenever she is hit by stress. It is an important area that regularly requires improvement, hen she learned how to manage and control herself when in mental distress. It would be one of the easiest ways to control the development of the psychological disorder.

Mrs. Meza has to improve her emotion appropriateness. The emotion appropriateness is what lag Mrs. Maze behind when she learns how to manage emotions she would be able to learn how to manage stress. Economic housing and neighboring and occupation are all that Mrs. Meza is supposed to improve. These are critical areas that improvement is needed.

Targets and Goals

Some problems were selected for change. The issue of Mrs. Meza; the accusation of child misuse; it was one of the most significant issues that were bothering Mrs. Meza and changes were provided (Goldstein 2017). Another problem on the same includes the question of shifting from America and getting back to Mexico. It was troubling Mrs. Meza if even when she is working, she doesn't feel okay when it comes to her family. Mrs. Meza has been worried about her growing troubles that were getting bigger into her family.

The appropriate goal to these concerns includes: one of the goals of about Mrs. Meza was to change and find ways to reduce the pressure about what she was having. The intention to overcome this includes managing the health of her little daughter. This would only be a way to manage and control pressure that the family of Meza was undergoing. It would also be the way of achi...

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