Unilever's Strategic Plan: PESTLE Analysis & Future Expectations - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-06


Unilever is an international company committed to changing the lives of its clients through its products and services (Bharucha, 2015). This paper is a PESTLE case analysis of Unilever's strategic plan to compete through providing sustainability, the current progress, and the future expectations based on the progress report.

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Political Factors

The new global strategies by Unilever to ensure the political stability of several countries can hinder the provision of proper hygiene and nutrition across the globe. Countries like Iran and Somalia cannot be penetrated due to on-going political warfare. The European Union policies on regional consumer goods can affect the progress of Unilever. It can, however, grow rapidly due to the new free trade relations with developing countries.

Economic Factors

The new strategy by Unilever is to provide sustainable product sourcing of products, and clean water is rapidly advancing as by the end of 2018, indicated in the report. This is because of the high rates of growth in developing countries, which gives Unilever a chance to increase sales (Bharucha, 2015). There increased economic stability in the developing countries has allowed Unilever to avoid risks caused by unstable markets.

Social Factors

The new strategy of Unilever is to get rid of wastes is likely to encounter support due to rising social awareness on the need for conservation. Communities are supporting any move to make the environment better. There is a rising awareness across the globe ion the need for gender equality, which provides an opportunity for Unilever to succeed in its new strategy to provide women with opportunities.

Technological Factors

The business automation around the globe is both an opportunity as well as a threat to the consumer goods business. It makes the services effective, easy management but makes the market competitive because other firms are adopting the same technique.

Legal Factors

Increased consumer law and the legal laws governing the disposal of waste products is an opportunity for Unilever to expand its strategies. Fairness to all employees in the workplace is a strategy that has been deported as per the progress report.

The Ecological Factors

The new strategies aimed at improving the macro-economic trends of the company. The increasing use of the internet in business provides Unilever with a chance to attract customers by posting ads and even engage potential customers on communication platforms. It will increase Unilever's ability to satisfy the environmental programs that are getting more complex


In conclusion, the report on the growth of Unilever and their goals are satisfying, because of the upward trend. For example, the current reports indicate that it has reached half the targeted percentage of the people targeted in the strategy to provide people with safe nutrition and hygiene.


Bharucha, J. (2015). Go-Rural decision: successful strategies for the Indian rural market. The Business & Managent Review, 5(4), 123

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