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Date:  2022-05-17

Unicorns are beasts that are mostly found in tales all over the sphere. These beasts are most famous in kid's literature and some brownie tales. In children's literature, they are known to be as the man-eating demons. They are known to be very powerful and some are known to be peaceful (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586). These are mythical creatures having a goatee, lion's tail, and trotters. The most popular cognition of unicorn in the present world is that of a horse having a horn on its forehead. They have been mentioned in ancient, however, they are not found in Greek mythology holy write. These creatures have been mentioned in most natural history. Different people have been having different interpretation unicorns, however, its power, ferocity and strength and wildness has been never doubted in every age (Wanderer et, al. 2018, A19).

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Fairy tales have it that these creature's horns do have super magical alleviating powers. Their horns are known as the alicorn. It is believed that alicorn is used as the protection by the animals (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586). This is because alicorn dust in the ancient times was considered to be protective against diseases. Additionally, unicorn's blood is also considered to be providing long life for the beats. These creatures are believed in the ancient time to be to be a symbol of chastity, purity and virginity (Wanderer et, al. 2018, A19).

It was once said that only a pure, virgin and equally chaste individuals are the only ones who would be able to tame unicorn (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586). It is believed that there are different types of unicorns, the benevolent Asian unicorn and the pearly white unicorn of Europe. These creatures do avoid association with humans, and they remain unseen most of the time. However, they cause them no harm when humans encounter them (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586). Origin of unicorns still remains a mystery to many. However, most scientists believe that these animals came into existence due to genetic defects as a result into genetic flaw which leads to a single horn growing in the centre of these animals (Wanderer et, al. 2018, A19).

In another perspective, these animals are believed to have existed initially since they are mentioned in the poetical passages in the bible. Where they are referred to as the very strong horned creatures known by the name re'em (Wanderer et, al. 2018, A19). The word was translated to rhinoceros or the unicorn and wild ox in the modern translation meaning re'em in Hebrew. These biblical creatures, unicorns, were symbolically explained in the initial Christian church in Greek where they were known to be strong, powerful and fierce animals. Therefore, if they would not have been captured in the scriptures, then they would definitely consider being mythical creatures (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586).


Unicorns are animals that know of their power, strength and they are believed to be fierce, additionally, they also have single horns in the middle of their heads (More on Unicorns, 2015, 586-586). Considering the characteristics of these animals, they an appropriate symbol for Laura in the Glass Menagerie. The Glass Menagerie is delicate and fragile just like Laura, she says that when someone breaths, her favourite glass animal breaks. Similarly, this characteristic is also evident in Laura as she is a beautiful, delicate, the translucent individuals. The animal is quite different from other animals like Laura puts; this is due to its single horn in its forehead. Due to this characteristics unicorn becomes an appropriate symbol for Laura in the Glass Menagerie (Wanderer et, al. 2018, A19).


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