Understanding Workflow Design Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-11


With the current globalization and rapid technological development in the health sector, it is important to note that workflow plays a very significant role in managing general health management, it can be defined as a series of steps that are completed in sequence so that an organization's activities can be improved. Notably, in the application of health information technology, workflow tools can assist in making it easy when it comes to redesigning workflow. Making use of workflow Assessment Health IT Toolkit can offer guidance when it comes to adoption of change (McGonigle, & Mastrian,2015). In this discussion, some of the three concepts that would be most beneficial in creating a redesign in the organization where I work is a critical incident, checklist and benchmarking.

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Critical incident

A critical incident is a toolkit that is used in matters to deal with problem-solving (Huser,Rasmussen, Oberg & Starren,2011). Technically, its applied in identifying performance deficiency, a problem and even a process that needs to be fixed and even improved. It is normally used in finding solutions that are related to organizational challenges. For this toolkit to efficiently work, truthful opinion from the participant is needed and the participant involved in the incident is supposed to selected to conduct the general analysis. The collected answers will then be analyzed by adopting the frequency of incident occurrence.to ensure future prevention, the most repeatedly occurring incidents it supposed to be carefully considered.


Being that benchmarking involve identification of the best practices at other institutions and facilities and the adopting then in my organization, one benefit is that through this process, I will find new solutions to current challenges which can have a significant improvement on the system. It is important to reach out to peers at other facilities and come up with what they are doing and if in case its effective functioning. Since the current facility, I am working with has four other branches in the region and all of us are using Cerner, however, all of our systems are designed differently. The first thing I will work on is to reach out for representatives in other branches and set up a meeting with them so as to inquire more on how their system is functioning and the general manager. I will request for a physical view on how their design is operating and if the charting is operating effectively. In managing the benchmark process I will involve few nurses from our facility to make an analysis on how the charting is operating so they could provide feedback on the new ideas(U.S.Department of Health & Human services.n.d.b). Based on their ideas and even the collected data, I would plan a process that will adopt new ideas into the charting system at our facility.


On the other hand, the checklist is adopted as a form of collecting data in an effort of understanding what people do. By coming up with a checklist and making a keen observation on what the current workflow entails based on department and the people, the health information technology will be adopted and it will play a significant role in identifying how the technology will be used to impact workflow and how it can be adopted in making sure that the general workflow is enhanced.


From the workflow assessment tools, it is important to note that workflow of an organization changes with a change in technology and when the workflow is not taken into consideration it results in miscommunication and delayed patient care among the providers.


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