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Date:  2023-03-01


In 2018, General Mills announced re-introducing its iconic shapes of the fruity cereal called Trix. The change was brought about by the requests of over 20,000 customers for reinstating the bright melons and berries that defined the brand from 1991 to 2006 (Hastings et al. 2003). Some adults in Cleveland, Ohio, filed a lawsuit arguing that Trix is not for kids only, and adults must stop being discriminated against. Everyone needs to enjoy a bowl and milk-based breakfast, but the industry is forgetting the adults. The injustice has gone on for a long time, and it is time to rise above and say No to inequality and incidents of discrimination.

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Discriminating against the adults is not the right approach when marketing Trix as a child-based breakfast foodstuff. For many years, Trix cereal commercials have demonstrated to children that it is acceptable denying a group their right to doing something. According to Schwartz et al. (2010), children have been taught to deny a group provided they do not belong or fall into a person's demographic. Discrimination is at the forefront of the commercials, through its slogan of "Silly rabbit, Trix is for kids." Discrimination is present through this commercial for those who are different, and it is very insulting. This calls for the need for teaching children on the need of showing equality to all gender, age, height, and race. At first glance, the slogan or commercial does not look like it would present any issues. However, a closer look into it reveals the darker side of the brand. The cereal brand teaches young consumers about discriminating against friendly members of the community (Schwartz, Vartanian, Wharton, & Brownell, 2008). The world's rabbits are receiving significant influence from General Mills' silly slogan. The rabbits are kept away from public spaces and are looked at with spite across the universe. This is the influence of an established cereal company attempting to remove rabbits from the external world and making them disappear from existence.

Discrimination for Trix is not the best step for General Mills to undertake. Trix is enjoyed by people of all ages and origins, and the kids are just the main target audience. Adults, goblins, supernatural, and even fairies enjoy Trix. It is only but cereal, and it is not illegal for anyone who is above the age of kids to enjoy it. At the same time, anyone is allowed to enjoy the taste of childhood. Cereals should be consumed happily, and nobody should stress when eating them (Speers, Harris, Goren, Schwartz, & Brownell, 2009). Making rules against people aged twelve years and above not to consume them is absurd and the lamest excuse I ever heard of. There are many Trix cereals, and therefore kids can consume all they want. However, Trix cereal is only cereal. Kids and adults alike should enjoy this. We only see the rabbit going to get some of the Trix, only to be put off by the "Trix are for kinds advert." In this respect, Trix is for all humans, and the reasons this is not evident in the commercial is because it looks good from the advertisements as it comes from kids. The idea only sounds better in commercials.

It is 2018, and the United States has made some significant changes throughout history on the issue of equality and discrimination. We have a lot of more urgent and important issues to deal with, such as immigration, global warming, and even extrajudicial killings. I do not see why we need to spend a lot of time arguing about cereals, a meal that should be enjoyed by everyone. How are we even compromising on food? The last time I checked, food was a basic human right alongside shelter and clothing. When you deny a specific demographic because of a given slogan, it becomes manipulation (Watts, 2015). Adults are part of the human race, and showing them through the rabbits is very demeaning, at least for now. It is not about money. This is more about self-respect and equality for all. Equality must not only be about employment opportunities and salaries. Rather, equality should factor issues such as food, which is a basic human right. Trix for all, and Trix for a better community. Trix unites us, and this is why we need not discriminate against a particular consumer group.


Conclusively, we can demonstrate our support for this cause by signing the petition and sending it to the company, General Mills. Who does not want to see the poor rabbit accomplish his dream and tasting Trix anyway? We need to be prepared to make the Trix cereal brand open to kids and rabbits alike. We hope to one day create a reality where each person, children, and rabbits alike, enjoy the nice treat that Trix breakfast has to offer. Acts of discrimination against the adults' consumer group are not right and only expose the injustice in the society through organizations. One should never be denied food because of inaccurate and biased commercials. Trix should stop discriminating against adults.


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