Transformative Learning Through Curriculum Development - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-07


Transformative learning is the procedure of causing change within adults. This kind of knowledge can be incorporated into the curriculum of students in higher institutions. For example, the students should be taught more on Information Communication Technology and sustainable development. In the contemporary world, the curriculum in higher institutions is based on pure classroom-based work, to some extent, those doing science courses have too much theoretical work which is not transformative in this day and age. The main reason why most institutions have not implemented sustainable development or Informational communications technology as examples in the curriculum is because of high cost and inadequate teachers with skills and knowledge to teach effectively on sustainable development and ICT, the cost of training them will be high as well.

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However, there are plenty of positive things to ponder on if we implement sustainable development in the curriculum. Sustainable development is the process of enhancing growth and economic development that can accommodate a population within an ecosystem without the natural resources from getting depleted. Hence sustainable development as a broad and essential concept will help the students after they graduate to be able to do activities which will be giving back to society. If the transformative earning theory is adopted an estimated 60 percent of students will implement sustainable development after graduating from the university.

Transformative learning conclusively determines the behavior, perceptions, and expectations of the adults and if implemented in the curriculum it can also help alter the attitudes, expectations, behavior of students in the university.

Transformative learning theory works with a background of study behavioral aspects and psychological component and when implemented in the curriculum students will help them to develop their though since they will deal mostly with practical work and learning through observation other than the traditional formal learning style which focuses more on classroom-based work.

When transformative learning is incorporated it will teachers, teach with more objectives and goals and the learners will be able to develop and achieve more specific and unique goals and objectives. When transformative leadership is implemented in the curriculum it will help the learner to reason and intentions, enable them to make more logic and informed decisions; they will be able to carefully use and control their emotions and feelings in a more professional way. Learners will require to be sensitive and aware of their expectations.


Mezirow, J. (2017). Transformative learning: Theory to practice. New directions for adult and continuing education

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