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Date:  2022-09-22

After due consideration of the course of my career, I have decided to transfer to business administration. I have pondered upon this question and consulted widely before coming to this conclusion. I do not feel that the current course is the best match for my abilities. I know that the institution has the interests of its student's at heart. Therefore, I want to transfer because I am a person who loves challenges, I am very good at interacting with people, I want to develop my interpersonal skills, and finally, I would like to develop my written and oral communication in line with the business administration course. I am seeking to transfer with the objective of being developing a solid foundation in the functional areas of a business such as accounting and economics. Transferring to business administration is the best decision for me at this decisive moment in my life.

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I want to transfer to business administration because I love challenges. I am a hands-on person who likes to address practical problems. Also, I am aware that employers love skilled individuals who can address problems in their businesses and make crucial decisions that will generate money for them. In that regard, I believe that a transfer to business administration will put me on a high pedestal that will enable me to showcase my talents to the employers. Therefore, giving me this opportunity will offer me a better chance of success in the ever-challenging job market.

Secondly, I am very good at interacting with people. I love talking, discussing, debating, negotiating and overall like to feel the impact of my contribution towards people I work with. Business administration is the fit for such qualities. A business course is the best place to get the most out of these qualities. I feel that I can relate better with business administration and this helped inform my decisions. Moreover, it will help me sharpen the skills that I already possess hence making me a more complete product for employers to consider for employment in the future. Therefore, I should study business administration because I love interacting with people.

Thirdly, I believe it will help to improve my oral and written communication. Every student's dream is to have a nice office with a decent pay in the future. Some of the tasks I will be performing in an office include delivering presentations, negotiating deals, and writing e-mails, letters, and reports. All these are skills that are taught under business administration. Being a good listener is not enough when someone works with a team. Therefore, I will take the opportunity of being in a business administration class to improve my body language through practice. Communication is an important skill that I will learn more about once I get an opportunity to transfer.

Finally, I would like to develop interpersonal skills. This is very important for anyone who has aspirations of running their own company someday. Learning interpersonal skills will enable me to understand how to deliver the best customer service to my customers. Customers are the main focus of every business as they determine whether or not the business grows. At the moment, my interpersonal skills are not very good. That is why I feel that a transfer to business administration will give me a better chance of learning this very important skill.

In transferring to business administration, one of my objectives is to develop a solid foundation in the functional areas of a business. These include accounting, economics, finance, human resource management. I understand that these aspects are covered under business administration. I intend to use every opportunity to learn as much as I can in order to bring me closer to my dream of being a top-notch manager in the future. Therefore, getting an opportunity to study business administration will only make me better in the functional areas of a business.

My objectives are not just limited to the functional areas of a business. I also aspire to develop effective oral and written communication skills, to learn the significance of ethical behavior in business dealings, to improve my abilities in teamwork collaboration, to improve my problem-solving skills, and to be able to integrate the concepts that I will learn in core business aspects. I also hope to integrate well into the business administration class so that all the students can be able to benefit from the diverse knowledge that each one of us possesses.


Overall, it is evident that transferring to business administration is in my best interest. I will learn things that will elevate me towards the career I have been dreaming of. I believe that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue what they feel is the right path in their academic life. I feel that I have provided sufficient reasons to help in making an unbiased decision concerning my transfer. My heart and mind are already set towards this move. I am looking forward to your response.

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